Realtor: Why haven’t I gotten a single lead since you built my real estate website?

Lead Generation for RealtorsI get this question a lot – Why isn’t my website generating leads? The answer I give is almost nearly the same for everyone: Your website is a tool and if you aren’t using it & promoting it, it’s not going […]

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YSNM vs. Our Competitors – Why Choose Us?

A lot of people have been asking me lately, “what is the difference between what you offer and X?” where X obviously means one of our many competitors. While this question can be answered in many different ways depending on the competitor you are comparing us to, the main answers are still the same. Below […]

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How to use the new WordPress Gutenberg Content Editor

Gutenberg is here! Some of you are excited and some of you (probably a lot) are not so excited. I get it, truly I do. Learning something new when you had everything down before & knew where to find the tools you needed to build a page or a blog post can be a frustrating […]

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ActiveRain Icons for Real Estate Agents’ Blogs

A few days back, I was looking at my social media icons on my site (top right corner) and thought, “Hey, there’s no ActiveRain icon up there. I should add one.” And so began the search. I went on ActiveRain and searched to see if they had any icon sets. Nope.

I went […]

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Create a Custom Local Community Map with Google My Maps

Video Tutorial on How to make a custom local Google My Map. Have you ever wanted to make a custom map that had cool places to visit, tourist attractions, restaurants & other neat places to visit in your local communities? Well, you are in luck! Today I made a video tutorial just for you that […]

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How do I get my real estate website to rank on the search engines?

Many of my agents ask me the question “How do I compete with the big sites out there like Zillow & Trulia?” AND “How can I get my site to rank on the 1st page of Google?” The short answer to that is on site SEO/Community Content & Monthly SEO.

Watch this video to answer […]

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Google Analytics Reports for Real Estate Websites

Many of you ask me what all of the numbers mean when you open your Google Analytics Reports. I found a really great article today that details all of the fun little things that are in that report and makes it very easy to understand. Check out the below article and let me know what […]

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