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Are you looking for the BEST IDX for you wordpress website? We design WordPress websites for real estate agents all day long and we know your industry. IDX Broker is by far the leader and in our opinion there is no better solution for your website. Sign up today with us and get FREE Installation. OR If you are already an IDX Broker customer but don’t have a Developer Partner then send an email to and ask to be added to Developer Partner YourSiteNeedsMe and we will go through your IDX account and add all of the premium features for free!

IDX Broker Websites

What is a Developer Partner?

Think of us as the foreman on your project. Besides building new sites – we also help agents who already have a website. From integrating IDX into your site, optimizing your settings for the best lead generation, tweaking the look and feel until it looks the way you want it to and providing you with ongoing support – because a website is never completely finished… we do it all! We will help you make sure you are getting the most out of your website & IDXBroker account.

IDX Broker Website Installation, Setup, Customization, Custom CSS & Support

What’s the benefit of signing up through us? Well besides NO SETUP FEE, as your IDX Broker Developer Partner we do loads of cool stuff on your site and in your account … ALL for FREE! What’s the catch? You just have to be our IDXBroker Developer partner – it costs you NOTHING to work with us because IDXBroker pays us a commission off of what you pay them. So you can get a bunch of free work without paying a dime more! Just send an email to and ask them to add YourSiteNeedsMe as your Dev partner (you can remove us ANYTIME). Once you add us then we will send you our famous Honey Do List and set you up with a Teamwork account so you can see everything we do for you! You can even call Char anytime and screenshare and show her what you want done (or not done).  In fact, if you are interested in talking to her before you sign up – just call her now 517-917-0582 or set up a time that works best for you on to discuss your needs.

Check out some of the things we do below:

Team Accounts & Multi Agent Accounts

Are you a team of agents or a Broker with many agents in your company? If so, we have EVEN MORE free services for you!


Many of you need special customizations done on your site to make it look and feel a certain way. While not one of our free services, it is one of the common things we do! So, if you are looking for someone who can help you make your search pages look beautiful, style your Omni search or Quick Search to be cleaner or just tidy up your Details pages then give us a call! Here are a few of the Customizations we can help you with.

*Customizations are billed at our current hourly rate and are timed by the MINUTE so you always know exactly how long it took us to do something and you are NEVER over-billed!