37 DIY Coronavirus Tutorials: Cloth Face Masks, Face Shields & Face Coverings (COVID-19)*UPDATED: 41 DIY Face Masks Tutorials now including 13 DIY Face Mask & Face Shield Video Tutorials!

As this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to get worse I have seen many of my family and friends making DIY Face Masks to use and to donate, and my heart is full with how people have come together to help each other. Michael’s donated 1 Million Dollars, Joanne Fabrics has been giving away free materials to make Masks to use and donate, other countries are sending medical supplies to help countries hit hardest, local communities are gathering scrap materials and sending them to those who have a sewing machine, donations are being made to hospitals, police, firemen and those on the front lines and it is just surreal to know that our entire planet is coming together to help each other. So if you are one of those people, we at YourSiteNeedsMe salute you. We appreciate you and send you our love and thanks.

Coronavirus DIY Face Mask Tutorials and Resources

DIY Face Masks tutorials have gone crazy online since the CDC recommended wearing cloth face coverings in public settings this week. So as small contribution, I have scoured the web for the best DIY Face Mask tutorials and resources, best DIY Face Mask videos, links, patterns and advice and links to where you can buy materials for your cloth face masks so you have a list of resources all in one place that you can use and share. These are all some of the best patterns & tutorials I could find online for different sorts of Cloth Face Masks & Face Shields and include options for a pocket so you can add a filter, No-Sew versions, No Fog for people with glasses, Kids Face Masks, Face Masks of all shapes and sizes (even Fashion Face Masks) and even Protective Face Shields. Please note that these are NOT MEDICAL GRADE options and will not replace an N95 PPE. Be sure to share this post with your friends and family and ask them to share it. Let’s get this info out to everyone who needs it or wants it.

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  1. Hobby Lobby DIY Fabric Face Mask (Video & PDF Printout Pattern)
  2. CDC – Cloth Face Coverings: How to use them and 2 Ways to Make them by the CDC (Sew & Non-Sew)
  3. Printable Mask Pattern for the whole family by a Former Healthcare Worker (Adult, Young Adult/Youth, Toddler, Infant) PDF
  4. DIY Face Mask Tutorial from Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin – PDF
  5. How to Make a Cloth Face Mask; Step-by-Step Picture Tutorial
  6. Face Mask that won’t fog glasses (with pocket for filter) with Video Tutorial PLUS patterns for Circuit Machines and Silhouette Machines
  7. Hobby Lobby Cloth Face Mask Tutorial with Pocket for Filter
  8. Face Masks Patterns Plus ways to Donate and Volunteer (even if you can’t sew) by The MasksNow Coalition
  9. Fabric Wholesale Direct’s Tutorial on how to make an EASY DIY Face mask

COVID-19 Coronavirus DIY Face Shields

Here are some awesome links to DIY Face Shield patterns & tutorials. These Face shields are clear face coverings made from transparent plastic, foam and other materials to protect the face and when used with a face mask can further protect you from COVID-19 exposure.

  1. Michael’s Pattern & Step-by Step Tutorial for Coronavirus Acetate Face SHIELDS
  2. Medical Face Shield Pattern by Lennon Rodgers, director of the Engineering Design Innovation Lab at University of Wisconsin-Madison
  3. DIY PPE Face Shield – 10 Steps
  4. Silhouette DIY Face Shield Pattern & Tutorial
  5. 3D Printed Face Shield with Video Tutorial
  6. Cricut Cloth Face Mask Tutorial with Pattern (No sign in required)
  7. Cricut Face Shield Design (Need Cricut Design Space Account)
  8. Free Knitting Face Mask Patterns on Ravelry
  9. Free Crochet Face Mask Patterns on Ravelry

Kids DIY Face Mask Patterns & Tutorials:

Here are some of the cute kids face mask patterns I found. There were not many options for specific children’s face masks so keep in mind you can use any of the above links and just use a fun fabric that your child likes!

  1. Fun Animal Mask Free Crochet Pattern + Video
  2. Fox Face Mask Cover-up Crochet pattern
  3. Ninja Turtles Face Mask Crochet Pattern
  4. Pig Face Mask Knitting Pattern on Ravelry
  5. Doctors Face Mask Crochet Pattern on Ravelry

Mask Making Resources:

Below I have put together some resources for you to find fabric and materials to make your face masks!

    1. Fabric by the Yard on Amazon

Elastic on Amazon

  1. Joanne Fabrics Take & Make Face Mask kit – Free in most areas
  2. Where to get Materials for Mask USAToday
  3. Buy Fabric Online – Three Oaks Fabric Company
  4. Etsy – Buy Fabric on Etsy
  5. Joann Fabrics – Fabric by the Yard
  6. Ebay – Fabric by the Yard

Who has time to make their own Face Masks? 1,2,3 NOT IT!

I think its important to note that not all of us have the extra time on our hands to make our own Face Masks. So if you are like me and cant find the spare time to sew that button back on your kids shorts and by the time you remember it needs to be done they have outgrown them, then here are a few links to find some cool Face Masks that are already done and will be shipped right to your door!

13 How to make a DIY Face Mask Video Tutorials

These are the best Face Mask video tutorials I found on YouTube and through other sites and articles that will teach you how to make all different sorts of Cloth Face Masks & Face Shields.

How to make a Face Shield out of a Soda Bottle by National Geographic filmmaker Karin Muller

Joann Fabrics DIY Face Mask Tutorial

Shaped Denim Face Mask Video Tutorial

How to Sew a Bias Tape Surgical Face mask with Adjustable Nose

Hobby Lobby DIY Fabric Face Mask Tutorial

Michael’s Acetate DIY Face Shield Video Tutorial

Fashion Face Masks (This one is really cool!)

Michael’s Bandana Face Mask Video Tutorial

Michael’s DIY T-Shirt Face Mask Video Tutorial

Simple Face Shield Video Tutorial by Cat Kerr

How to Make a Face Mask with a Cricut Machine – Part 1

Cricut Face Mask Part 2: How to Assemble your Face Mask

Easy DIY Face Shield from a 2-Liter Pop Soda Bottle

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