IDX Brokers New Precision Listing Template

IDXBrokers New Precision Listing Template

IDXBroker’s new Precision Listing template is live! Check out all the new features & learn why you need to be using this page template immediately!

If you’ve heard me say it once, you’ve heard me say it a million times – you don’t have to re-create the wheel to be successful! Well you’ve been asking IDXBroker to improve their search experience to be more like the HUGELY successful Zillow and (whom we love to hate) for a while now and they finally did it. BOY OH BOY was it worth the wait! I for one am blown away! I love it more than a fat kid loves donuts! (I was a fat kid, and I love me some donuts so you’ll have to excuse my *AHEM* overly exuberant reaction here). The new page template is called Precision Listings and it is available for all of the Search pages, Results page, Details page,  Mortgage Calculator, Photo Gallery, Contact, Home Valuation, More Info, Schedule Showing and the Roster page. I can not wait to show it off to new clients and to start applying it to as many of our current accounts as possible!

IDX Broker’s New Precision Listing Template Recap

SO ….what’s new? Well let’s take a look at this quick recap provided by IDXBroker’s Senior Developer, Nick Leech:

  1. Refinement search on the results page is a big one since it just makes it easier for end users to be able to refine a search IMO since its more noticeable.
  2. The ability to show the map or hide the map on the results page to have two different views.
  3. Nearby option on Map Search Page on desktop as I am pretty sure previously it was only available on Mobile.
  4. Better call to actions on the details page with the contact form being right up near the primary image makes it easier for leads to contact you which in turn should definitely help with lead generation.
  5. Buttons and other call to actions are more noticeable on the page as well.
  6. Photos on the details page can now be scrolled through which I personally like and one reason why I wasnt a fan of listing pro.
  7. If you use precision listing template then under Design –> Branding you can set your color scheme for button colors and font colors.
  8. Updated roster and agent bio pages as well.

What’s that you say? You want more….well I am happy to provide it for you! Let’s take a look at what’s new in more detail:

Advanced Search – Search for a Property Page

The Advanced Search page is where, well, your clients will usually start their search! I didn’t really see much at first because the changes are subtle but after clicking around for a bit, I noticed some updates that make the search easier and much nicer to look at. It also looks and works better on Mobile! Some of the new changes you will see include improved drop down fields; multiple option fields have a check box and single option fields use a radio button. The fields themselves are bigger and have a nicer slightly rounded corner and look more in-line with todays’ design standards. The SEARCH button is now at the bottom of the page instead of in the middle of the page – which, honestly is where it should be. And the additional search page options are displayed at the top with the alternative pages slightly greyed out so you can actively see which page you are searching from.

IDX Broker Map Results Page

Improved IDX Results Page

The results page has gotten a fresh new look with a bigger map that expands to fill the screen with a sidebar section showing the property results in a vertical line. The map is sleeker then the previous map IMO and includes some updated round map controls in the top left corner. The results along the right side now show a price decrease banner highlighting price drops that stands out nicely and the property photos are responsive so they, together with the map, will fit any screen size. There is also a new “HIDE MAP” option which we love. When clicked it changes the display to a grid of properties and you can easily switch back and forth between views. Most importantly, in our humble opinion, it has the REFINE Results or Search Filters prominently displayed at the top instead of in a hidden drop down. This makes it so much easier for your clients to adjust the results quickly making the user experience easier. But folks what I REALLY love is the “SAVE SEARCH” button that is to the right of the APPLY FILTERS button. This encourages people to save their search right away thereby creating a lead for you. Way to go @IDXBroker! We salute your AWESOMENESS!

Interactive Map Search now has Nearby Results

If you ever used the Map Search page in the past you may have noticed that the location feature only worked on Mobile. Well, say hello to NEARBY results! Simply click the NEARBY button on the top of the page and the map will use your location to automatically update the map with homes for sale nearby you! Pretty cool! The map itself also looks nicer with round control options on the left side and a filter box on the right that opens up to refine your search. For those that want quicker results you can use the drop down city field above the map on the top right corner and the map will then FLY to that city and show results.

IDX Broker Details PageIDX Details Page Design

Now comes my favorite part – the property details page. This page has some rather awesome and long anticipated improvements! FIRST the main photo is LARGE and in CHARGE! It fills the screen and to the right there is a contact form that makes it easy for the client to contact you to Request more info AND it even includes an option to choose a date to Schedule a Showing. AWESOME for Lead Generation. If the property is listed by you or one of your agents it will also show the listing agents photo and contact information above the form. The address, beds, baths and price is prominently displayed at the top which is excellent for SEO and there is a beautiful big button encouraging clients to add the property to their favorites which, again is another chance to gain a lead. Below the photo there are several big beautiful buttons to view the Photo Gallery, Virtual Tour or Calculate Payment and below that the property details. You also have the Similar Listings on the right side under the contact button.  BAM! MIC DROP! I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Update your IDXBroker Pages to Precision Listings today!

Have I caught your interest yet? Well, if you are an IDXBroker client then you can update your page templates immediately – today – like RIGHT NOW! If you are one of our esteemed Developer Partners then just let us know you want the new template by filling out the form below and we will do all of the work for you…for FREE of course! And if you haven’t signed up for IDXBroker yet, then you should! No, seriously you should! And if you sign up through us you get FREE installation and customization as well as free updates to future releases (cuz we are cool like that), plus no set up fees and loads of other free stuff we give all of our IDXBroker Developer Partners!