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Can’t help myself… as a website designer if I find an issue on your website I HAVE to report it.

@CocaCola @CocaColaCo your recipes page has a link to “buy” something which goes to your contest page…..and BTW no recipes 😂
#cocacolacompany ...#cocacola

Amazon Prime Day 2023: Date and 5 Tips to get the Best Amazon Prime Day Deals

I just watched the S3 E1402/23/19
Greek Island Gem episode and they go through the recipe for Baklava so fast I didn’t get the info. Is this recipe available anywhere online? @NBCTheVoyager

This is the last time I will fly @AlaskaAir kiosks won’t print bag tags so there’s a huge line of people waiting to get their bags checked in and ONE representative up here. ONE.