WP Engine Coupon Code Cheat Easter EggWP Engine, cool as they are, just got a little cooler! We found out this week that there is a neat way that you can get a discount coupon using a special cheat code  to automatically get 4 months free on annual plans (20% off first payment on monthly plans)! Not only is WP Engine the best WordPress Website Hosting you can get, have the fastest speed, best security and WORLD class customer support (IMHO) but they throw in fun little easter eggs like this and give you a great discount! I mean come on, people! What’s cooler than that! So if you are like me, and you’re a total geek when it comes to the internet and technology, you will LOVE this one!

To activate this secret code, click this link and enter the following code using arrows and letters on your keyboard when viewing the website:

Cheat Code: Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a

*Hint* – be sure to keep the sound on and watch the magic happen at checkout!

Personally, we LOVE Easter Eggs (Google has a bazillion of them in case you didn’t know) – so if your current WordPress site is slow, having issues, experiencing downtime and in general just not cutting it….do what we did and move to WP Engine. You won’t be disappointed! And now, with this awesome WP Engine Coupon you have no reason to wait!

P.S. This offer is only available through a WP Engine developer (like us!) SO be sure to share this post with your friends! We don’t know how long this hack will last!