WPEngine Coupon Code for WordPress HostingIf you are looking for a coupon code for WP Engine, we’ve got you covered! We are developer partners with them and as such can offer 2 months free on annual Startup, Professional, Growth, and Scale plans when you use our link and coupon code. *Want a bigger discount, keep reading!* In our expert opinion (we’ve been building WordPress websites since 2006), not only is WP Engine the best WordPress Website Hosting you can get, have the fastest speed, best security and WORLD class customer support but they also love giving customers perks! Every year I have been with them they add new tools and enhancements, and it just keeps getting better. Just recently they added a Plugin that does the migration for you!

Keep in mind, this coupon code is for annual plans only. So, what is the discount you get with this WPEngine coupon code?

On the first tier Managed WordPress level you get $90 off your first year, that’s 3 months free! That is $23/month billed at $360 $270, then $300/yr after first year.

WPEngine Coupon Code

The coupon code is located on my Partner page – Check it out here.

Want an even BIGGER Discount & BETTER WPEngine Hosting?

Now, let me add this little Easter egg in…..if you want WPEngine hosting with a KICK then sign up with us directly and we will migrate your site for free and put you on one of our WPEngine PRIVATE virtual servers on the ENTERPRISE level. This means more speed, bandwidth, storage, security, free SSL certificate and nightly backups among other things! AND we also set up your site through Cloudflare giving it even BETTER performance, speed & security! Additionally we will update your site for you monthly so you don’t have to worry about keeping it updated and secure. How much you say? That is the best part – our cost for YOU, for finding this page is $250/yearly. EVERY year. No “first year only” discount. And when we say better, we mean it’s BETTER! Go ahead, click the link and check out the Advanced Enterprise Solutions. Yep, that is what you get when you host with us. Pretty kick ass, right?

You can sign up with us today by using the button below or by clicking this link. Immediately after paying you will be redirected to our Honey DO List where you will provide us with your sites login information and we will get started on migrating your site right away. If you don’t have a wordpress site then we will install wordpress on your new hosting for you, point your domain name to it for you and basically get it all set up and ready then send you all of the login details so you can get started. AND it is still YOUR hosting. You get access to the WPEngine dashboard to manage the site and chat with their support. AND if you ever decide you don’t want to host through us then we can transfer your site back to the main WPEngine pool, BUT keep in mind if you choose to do that you won’t get the super cool discount anymore.

*This discount ONLY applies to NEW Clients purchasing a first time hosting package with WPEngine or YourSiteNeedsMe

So if your current WordPress site is slow, having issues, experiencing downtime and in general just not cutting it OR you want to build a new wordpress website on the BEST hosting platform out there….do what we did and move to WP Engine. You won’t be disappointed! And now, with this awesome WP Engine Coupon you have no reason to wait!

P.S. This offer is only available through a WP Engine developer (like us!) SO be sure to share this post with your friends! We don’t know how long this hack will last!