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Hi Char,

I am amazed at how quickly you produced a professional website way beyond my expectations. I am surprised about the traffic that has already hit out site, I can only compliment you on your amazing skills and will have no hesitation in recommending to anyone.

Many Thanks,

John Hayton March 14, 2016

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Dear Char,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “Char is awesome!! We hired her to spice up our web page and improve our SEO and did she! The traffic on our web page has increased week after week. We are now getting hot leads from the web. Char just finished our second web page. If your web page is static you need to hire Char now.”
Service Category: SEO service
Year first hired: 2008 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Brian & Yolanda Gallegos March 14, 2016

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My name is Chirag Shah I am a Broker/Owner of Synergy Real Estate located in New York. I had initially spoken to Charra Bennett through a referral through A La Mode. When first speaking to her I had been working with a web designer to create a custom Real Estate Web Site for three months. I was constantly over promised and under-delivered. I had initially told Charra we needed her help with her expertise in A La Mode finishing our website and not knowing us she wanted to do free of charge thinking it was a small amount of work. We ended up hiring her and the work by no means was small. In a matter of weeks she had done more work and better work than we had received in the past 3 months.

She is honest, hardworking and most important dependable. She is always true to her word and meets all deadlines. The best way to describe her is she always surpass expectations going the extra mile to make her clients happy. If it was not for Charra my website would not be complete and my entire business would still be put on hold. Charra had saved our project and created a website beyond anything we thought would be possible. I would be more than happy at anytime to speak with anyone who wanted to know more about Charra and her services. Anyone should consider themselves lucky to have the pleasure of working with her, because she will never let you down. My number is 914-715-0511 if you have any questions.

Chirag Shah Synergy Real Estate, Phone: (914)715-0511, Website: March 14, 2016

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I highly recommend Char Bennett of Your Site Needs Me to design your website.

Char is a website angel! She was able to take my logo and create an eye-catching site that is better than I had ever envisioned.I have received only rave reviews regarding my site. Because of her creative and technical talents as well as her insightful knowledge my site was ‘live’ for only 2 days when I received a call requesting my real estate services

Char, I can’t thank you enough for helping me take my real estate business to the next level with such a great website. I am looking forward to hiring you to take my site to the top with your SEO skills.

There is no doubt, I am so very fortunate to have had Char Bennett design my website,

Thanks for everything!!

Denise S. March 14, 2016

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First let me explain that I am a very difficult and direct man – who has a very clear vision of what I want and how I want it done – a hard taskmaster if you will.

So I had worked with a few “webdesigners” before who never seemed to listen to my ideas and concepts. Char did, she translated my concepts chicken scratches and post its into my vision. Being particular on a product is important when dealing with image so I always find it hard when people don’t get that. Why put up something that isn’t the very best? Its kinda like going to the grocery store in your pajamas – just not the right thing to do. Well Char took my ideas to the next level.

So from the ground up, she repositioned me, she tolerated my constant what-ifs, how about that’s and sheesh you can do its ~ to create I believe the best mortgage website around.

You will find her kind, generous and very very talented just make sure you give her plenty of time and space to build you the masterpiece you want.
I have referred her out and will continue to do so regularly my business needs her talents, as will yours.

Mark T. March 14, 2016

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Dear Charra,

I again wanted to thank you for the incredible job you did on our website. It’s a pleasure to work with someone who takes your business and treats it like their own. I felt you did just that for us and will always be grateful, especially when I log into our site. What a great job!!

We have already seen a better quality of lead since you completed the site and we look forward to an increase in traffic as we work ourselves up the search pages. This stuff works!

Please feel free to send anyone who needs “a little convincing” my way and I’ll be happy to fill them in on my great experience working with you. Keep up the great work!!!

Bill C. March 14, 2016

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Dear Char,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “Char Bennett was referred by someone on staff at Alamode. I originally hired her to do Search Engine Optimization. She is knowledgeable about how the search engines work and knows how to get results quickly.

I am very pleased with the results of the Search Engine Optimization. My site was showing up on the first or second page of Yahoo for one of my keyword searches within less than two weeks.

She also customized my website. She is extremely professional and even sent me a contract with her guarantee. She is always willing to help me when I have a question. I highly recommend Char to anyone who needs to have their website customized.”
Service Category: Search Engine Optimization
Year first hired: 2009
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Sybil C. March 14, 2016

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My name is Susan and I am the President and Qualifying Broker for the Santa Fe Realty Group in Santa Fe NM.
I would like to highly recommend Charra Bennett’s services to any company or individual who is considering creating, improving or optimizing their website.
Charra is an extraordinary resource for our company in the way that she has assisted us to enhance the website.
Her patience, expertise, energy, knowledge and stamina are truly amazing. She has improved our ranking on the major search engines and continues to offer her time in supporting any continuing questions that we have.
She speaks in a computer language that we can understand and actually makes changes to our site in minutes as compared to the hours of time, not to mention the frustration level, if attempted on our own.
You will find peace of mind, less stress and a deep appreciation for the quality of service that Charra provides.
The key to a successful business in my opinion is to know when to delegate those activities that are not your strength to a person who is an expert in their field. Charra Bennett is that angel for our company.

Susan H. March 14, 2016

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Charr, it’s been a joy to work with you on my web-site. The site looks a feels very professional. My colleges and clients that have seen the site think it’s very well thought through and is what any professional in this industry needs. I will and have recommended you and your services to many of my real estate agents here in Jacksonville. Your knowledge and idea’s really go a long way with what you do. Anyone that needs your services I will tell them about my experience with you and your firm. Thanks again for a great job.

Steve C March 14, 2016

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I’ve had over 6 different web sites in the last 14 years, 3 built for me from the ground up.
Charra has been the most responsive to all the web designers I’ve spoken to. Her desire to give me what I thought I wanted but temper it with the “correct” way to do it has made his experience a pleasure. She has always been responsive to my emails and calls. She brings to the table experience and knows how that have made my latest site construction easy. Whether you are modifying an off-the-shelf site or starting from just an idea on a napkin, I’d strongly recommend Charra.

David O. March 14, 2016

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Here is a January 10,2011 Update on my website which you created for me about three years ago.I am currently working with 2 new buyers looking to purchase properties totaling between $850K – $950K in sales. Both buyers came to me directly from my website. I have also listed a beautiful summer rental property for $35K Memorial Day through Labor Day, directly from my website. It looks like I am picking up where I left off last year with a 2010 year end total of over $6 million dollars in Sold and Closed properties. Keep up the great behind the scenes work on my website. You are the best!

Hope you and your family had a wonderful vacation…My latest closing for $2.6 million, originated from my website, bringing my total sales @ $4.5 million to date. Good stuff. Keep on pumping up the volume….
Working with Charra for the past 2 years is very fulfilling and rewarding. She is the best “Webmaster” I could ever dream of meeting. She told me that my website will be successful, in time, and the time is Now ! Closed on a property in the Hampton”s, NY. Monday April 22, 2010 for $ 1,540,000.00 that came directly from the website which Charra created for me. This is amazing to me in many ways, she said that the site will work, and it did Exactly that ! For all the people reading this testimonial….If you want the Best Real Estate Website, contact Charra @ You Rock ! By the way, I am closing on another property April 20th, also directly from my website Charra got me on page 1 of Google, and made me the most searchable person selling real estate in the Hamptons,NY. Thank you for everything.

Richard R. March 14, 2016

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Sometimes it is just so overwhelming trying to keep up with the latest technology to market our listing and help our clients. I just wanted to let everyone know how wonderful Charra Bennett is. She designed my website and 4 blogs a few years back and what a great job she did. Recently I had a few technical question RE: YouTube and social media that I could not get answers for… but I talked with Charra today and she not only walked me through everything I needed to do but also updated things I needed. Charra is one of the best and is always willing to help.

Sharon March 14, 2016

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I hired Charra to develop a complex, customized real estate website and I can attest it was one of the smartest decisions I ever made. As a person who spent over 20 years working for hi tech companies before embarking on a career in real estate, I have worked with many, many developers over the years and Charra embodies all the qualities that makes her one of the very best I’ve ever worked with: extreme attention to detail and quality in all her deliverables, laser focus on customer service, flexibility and responsiveness to change requests, the willingness to always go the extra mile, ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines….and all with a tremendous attitude and good cheer! For anyone looking to find a developer that will truly work with you to understand your wants and needs and help you create the website of your dreams, I strongly suggest you contact Charra!

Joanne F. March 14, 2016

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I have known Charra for over 14 years she has done all my websites – and has helped all my agent partners who are serious about gaining more web traffic and converting that traffic into long term client sales. Awesome visual, technical skills plus she is easy to work with.
If you are in real estate add her to your arsenal of tools – you will be sorry if you don’t!

Mark T. March 14, 2016

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YourSiteNeedsMe has been wonderful to work with. Their knowledge and support enabled us to update our website to provide our our customers a great user experience on our website. They more then a vendor, they are a partner in our success! Thanks again Char.

Brian B. March 14, 2016

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She helped us build our Real Estate site the way we wanted and rescued us a few times when we were updating it on our own. After a few tips from her we can keep moving with the site, adding new content and updating the pages the way we want.
Thank you so much Char!

Ana M. March 14, 2016

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Char is amazing! If you are looking for a web designer that listens, and then designs and executes a phenomenal site that is leaps and bounds above everyone else, then YourSiteNeedsMe is the player for you! I can’t praise Char enough for how well she listens and how easy to work with she really is. Char has made our transition from our former web designer and site to the new site so simple and painless that the transition was actually FUN! Our traffic for our site is up, our users are much happier with the ease of the navigation and the tools we have, and our agents are getting more leads. THANK YOU, CHAR!!!!!!

Andy W. March 14, 2016

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I spent many months researching different companies and asking questions. My decision was initialed based on the value of the service they were providing along with the quality of work. But, they ended up going the extra mile for me and then another 100 miles. They perfected my site down to every detail and I can’t count the number of compliments that I receive. Whenever I have any questions or need updates, YSNM is extremely responsive. On top of that, they protect my site against hackers and all the other issues that are far beyond my comprehension. Char is bright and creative. More importantly, she understands what it takes to drive traffic to your website. I highly recommend using their services, all of them!

Gennifer M. March 14, 2016

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