A lot of people have been asking me lately, “what is the difference between what you offer and X?” where X obviously means one of our many competitors. While this question can be answered in many different ways depending on the competitor you are comparing us to, the main answers are still the same. Below is a list of some of the things we do that most of our competitors do not do when building a new site or working with you as your IDXBroker Developer.

Why you should choose us as your IDXBroker Developer Partner and Real Estate Website Designer:

  • FREE IDXBroker Installation & Setup: ALL of our IDXBroker Developer Partners, whether we built your site or not, get FREE installation. We set up every aspect of your IDXBroker Account for you. From the Global Settings, to Page Layouts and templates and SEO Settings. New clients who already have a site will also get the Omni Search and Featured Properties widget installed on their home page.  Additionally we set up your Advanced Fields, Lead Generation settings, import your agents and set up their full profiles, your page wrappers and CName. All IDXBroker Developer partners get this regardless of whether they buy a new site with us or not but it is, of course, included in the $399 package as well.

  • Custom CSS: So that your IDXBroker pages look awesome, we customize your IDXBroker pages with custom CSS so that all of your pages, from the search pages to the details page, all match the theme/colors of your site and we maintain it for as long as you are our IDXBroker Developer Partner.

  • NO IDXBroker Setup Fees – EVER: We are a full service IDXBroker developer partner and you can purchase an IDXBroker office account with us with no additional set up fees.

  • YOU own it: If you don’t want to host with us in the future, you can move your site at ANY time.**

WHY CHOOSE YSNM Real Estate Website Designers
  • Less Expensive: $399 setup vs the LARGER set-up fees the our competitors charge**

  • DONE & DONE: When we build your site it will be completely finished when it is done. We do not leave anything that you have to do.**

  • Pre-Written Content that is yours to keep: Buy, Sell & Marketing your Home pages that can be changed to match your services. **

  • Testimonials: We will add your Testimonials to the site & include a form so your clients can submit a testimonial right through your site**

  • About Us page: Send us your About us and we will include it in your site**

  • Quick Valuation Landing Page: A Sellers Quick Home Value Landing page you can use on Facebook or Google Pay Per click to get selling leads** This options is dependent on the Equity theme you choose as not all themes have this feature.

  • Training & Support: We are big DIY fans! If you want to learn how to do something yourself, we will do our best to teach you by screen sharing and recording the session or creating video tutorials just for you!

  • OFFICES – Free ongoing management of your team: We will add and remove any agents on an ongoing basis for FREE forever (or rather, as long as you are our IDXBroker Developer partners). This includes the entire setup of their profile (photo, bio, contact info).

  • OFFICES – Agent URL’s: Unique personal URL’s for each team member that have built in Agent ID’s so your team can use their personal URL to send their clients to the site and anyone that uses it will be cookie’d so if they fill out a form it will go back to that agent. No worries about their leads going to another agent.

    Example: https://brendawild.aspenpremierproperties.com

  • OFFICES – We Train your Team: FREE Training for all of your agents. Each agent can call/text/email me for any help they need if they want to learn how to use their Agent IDXBroker account. Char will screen share with them or make them a video to learn how to manage leads, listings or even update their profile if they wish to do so themselves.

  • OFFICES – Agent Office Page: All IDXBroker clients with a 3 or more team account get a free page that is password protected where your team can log in to access company documents, company logos for advertising, training videos and loads of free real estate resources. We will even add the company docs and logos as part of your setup. See this example: http://ysnmstately.wpengine.com/agent-office/ Password: ysnmrules

  • Premium Plugins: Our sites include premium plugins like Easy Testimonials pro, WPMUDEV, Gravity forms and more. Click here to see a full list.**

  • Stock Photography: We will purchase any photos you need or want for the design of the site from bigstockphotos.com. Just go pick any photo and send us the Stock Photo ID and tell us where you want it.

  • Teamwork Project Management: We have an online portal where every step of your design is set up into tasks that you will have access to so you NEVER have to wonder where we are at during the process. Log in to view activity, milestones, tasks, billing and more. You will even receive notifications when tasks are marked complete. We also store all photos and data you give to us in this portal.

  • Customizations & Billing: Any special customizations you request are billed at $85/hour and are timed by the MINUTE. So you NEVER get overcharged for a single minute and you can view everything inside teamwork.

  • SEO: When you sign up with us, part of the process is filling in our Honey Do List where you will tell us what your primary cities are. We will build this into your sites main features like the home page, main menu, IDXBroker and other places. Your site is set up with the right stuff from day 1. NOTE: This does not include custom pages or work like community pages or landing pages for specific keywords.

  • Google Analytics & Google Search Console Setup: IF you opt into this, then we will include Google Analytics setup and Google Search Console tools for free. This means your site will be submitted to Google for indexing from the beginning so it can show up in Google. Included in this is your XML Sitemap setup.

  • Responsiveness: We have a team – 4 full time people. So when you email us, we respond quickly and you do not have to wait days or weeks to get anything done. Our Project management system creates a ticket each time you email us which then gets attached to a task if you request a change which then MUST get checked off. And you are kept informed throughout the entire process. So you never have to worry about not getting a reply. You can even text Char on the weekends. 🙂

  • YSNM are Fun Nerds: We try to make the process fun, and while not everyone appreciates our weirdness, we have found that more often than not humor & fun is what makes the world go round….or at least it makes the website design process less painful.

As you can see we do it all. There is probably even more in this that I forgot to mention. The bottom line is, from beginning to end, whether you are just an IDXBroker Developer partner of you hire us to build you an entirely new site, you don’t have to worry about anything and you still have as much control over the site as if you built it yourself.  It is our goal to make sure at the end of the day this site is yours and you have all of the control to make it and use it the way you want without having to have the experience of a web designer. 🙂

**Please note some of the things above are included in the FULL $399 setup** and some pertain to people who already have a site and just want to add us as their IDXBroker Dev Partner.

More questions or is there something we didn’t cover here? Just let us know! Fill out the contact form to the left and ask your question and we will reply to you AND update this list!


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