If you’re look to give your WordPress Real Estate website that extra zing, we have some additional features that can further personalize your site and make it more appealing to your customers.

Local Market Data

Not every realtor has time to update their site with local housing data, market stats, market activity, etc. We can create dynamically generated pages using Zillow Home Zestimate data so you don’t have to lift a finger and your site stays up to date with some great current market stats to show your clients. These pages will provide your customers with some local information to showcase YOUR SITE as the best local resource online and to keep your clients coming back again and again! We know it’s not the most ACCURATE source so that’s why we incorporated some lead generation into the page. Nifty huh? The best way to understand what this looks like is to see it in action. You can check it out here at my Tampa Realtors site.



Schools Content

Schools are one of the biggest things consumers want to know about when moving to a new area. But who wants to compile lists of every school phone number, website & address in every district in every city in your market AND then keep it up to date? Ya, us neither. That’s why we use some handy dandy web widgets to create school pages using some of the top rated school websites out there like GreatSchools.net & Education.com. See an example of Local School Data here.



Buyer and Seller Content

Having informed customers ultimately helps YOU! These pages have tips and tricks for your customers looking to buy a home for a great value or sell their home for the best price. For buyers, we have information walking them through the process, so they know what to expect and how to navigate the confusing world of mortgages. On the other hand, we have  guides for sellers on how to stage their home and what improvements have the highest ROI. These articles will show your potential customers that you truly are an expert in your field, and furthermore how helpful you can be throughout the process of buying or selling their home! Here are the pages you get in our Buyer Seller Content Pack: Mortgage, Moving Checklist, What’s Your Home Worth, Staging Checklist, Style, Stage & Sell, Home Buyer ebook, Home Seller Guide, All-in-One Mortgage Calculator, Free Downloadable Ebooks page & More!