Quick & Easy Tips on how to use Gutenberg

Gutenberg is here! Some of you are excited and some of you (probably a lot) are not so excited. I get it, truly I do. Learning something new when you had everything down before & knew where to find the tools you needed to build a page or a blog post can be a frustrating prospect. But I am here to tell you it’s worth it to take the time to start learning Gutenberg.

What’s so great about Gutenberg, anyways?

Wordpress Tutorial: How to use the Gutenberg Content Editor

The idea behind Gutenberg isn’t new. You have probably seen other visual editors like Visual Composer, Thrive Themes or Avada’s Fusion Builder. These drag and drop page editors use the same idea: create a Point & Click interface that allow’s the non-techy user to create awesome looking pages/posts without having a lot of knowledge of coding. The same principal applies to WordPress’ new editor. It was designed to allow users to create more engaging and visually stunning web pages without a lot of skill.

So, if your blog posts or pages look a little boring and you’re not very advanced at creating amazing looking content then take a little bit of time to start exploring what Gutenberg has to offer and you might find that its pretty darn cool.

Ready for some cool stuff?

The easiest way for me to show you how to use Gutenberg is to make a video tutorial. I’ve decided that in order to teach you how to use it quickly and not frustrate the heck out of you is to do this in steps with short easy to follow videos. Here is what we are going to learn (as I add more videos I will update this list):

  • How to add a BLOCK

  • How to arrange BLOCKS

  • How to add a Cover

  • How to add a Header

  • How to nest an image within the text

  • How to add a List (obviously)

  • How to insert a Video

  • How to add a Featured Image

  • How to use the Classic Editor INSIDE Gutenberg

  • How to add a Link

So below is a set of Video Tutorials that will show you how to create something cool, step by step, in short quick videos. So get watchin’ and start creating!

I HATE GUTENBERG! Get rid of it!

Ok, so you’re not alone. In fact, I really hated Gutenberg too when I first saw it. For those of you who hate it and don’t have time to learn how to use it, there is an easy solution. Simply go to Plugins > Add New and search “Classic Editor” by WordPress Contributors. Install & Activate and WHALA! No more Gutenberg. Here is a short little tutorial video to show you how to install it.

Gutenberg: Fast Primer on how to use the new WordPress block content editor