Online Reputation Management

More than 88% of online shoppers*, incorporate reviews into their purchase decision. Online Reviews are no joke!

*Stats provided by Dimensional Research

Normally, collecting reviews is hard. But, with Podium, you can easily collect 100s of reviews utilizing text message, your customer’s smartphones, and apps with which they are most familiar. Podium’s mobile technology ensures you’re maximizing your online reviews through an efficient, mobile process that yields up to 15x the reviews that traditional platforms produce.

 Online reputation management made simple. Get more online reviews and watch your competition sink in the rankings! Watch the short video below to see how it works:

Online Reputation Management

Social Media Reputation management is key to your SEO Strategy

Today’s customer is more informed than ever before. They’re more social, savvy, and mobile than just 5 years ago and they’re here to stay. They have endless access to information and can make decisions about your business before you even engage with them. Being a 5 Star business can make all the difference. . .  and Podium has the best online reputation management tools you need to get it!

There are many reasons why online reviews are important, and why you should be working hard to collect them from each one very customer you work with:

  • Your rankings in Google Local
  • Ranking in other local search engines
  • Which search results actually gets clicked on
  • Consumers purchasing decisions

Online Reputation Management Tools:

Send a Text

99% of Text messages get opened

So easy anyone can do it!

Once the client clicks on the text, Podium takes over and guides them right to your review page & helps make it simple to submit their review. No confusing process or multiple clicks. Podium makes it simple which is why it’s so successful!

Bad Reviews

No one wants a bad rating

Say Goodbye to Bad Reviews

If a Customer is not satisfied, instead of sending them to Google or Facebook, Podium will redirect them to a special form where they can submit their feedback there and your online rating won’t be affected!

Multiple Sources

Choose where you want your client to review you!

You control your Review Sources

With Podium you can choose which sources are offered to your client and in what order. If Google Reviews are more important then you can put Google first in line. Podium will automatically detect and sign your client in to the appropriate source and put them right where they need to be to submit their review. If the first source isn’t available, Podium will automatically detect that’d move on to the second source.

Buyer & Seller Pages

Well written buyer & seller pages to get you started!

Save Time

Make sure your site has content in it to engage your customers. Our buyer & seller pages are written with relevant information that meets today’s real estate agents needs that you can edit to fit your needs.

Mobile App

Send Review Texts on the go!

Mobile makes it easy

Most people will take the time to submit a review right when asked! So Podium makes it easy to send your clients a text to review you while you are right in front of them!


Podium makes it easy to track your Stats

What are your Goals?

Have a goal of 50 reviews a month? Podium makes it easy to help you reach your goal by providing you with a dashboard that shows you all of the activity on your accounts. They even give you goal setting tools!


Unlimited Users

Get your entire team onboard!

Get your entire team involved by creating them their own user accounts. Build contests on who has acquired the most reviews! See stats right in your dashboard!


Reply to your reviews right from your Dashboard

Total Integration

See all of your new reviews & respond to each one right from the Podium Dashboard! Now that’s easy!

Multiple Locations

Get Reviews for all of your locations!

Add Unlimited Locations

Add multiple locations and get reviews for them all! Your business will rise in the local search engine ranks and blow away your competition!

What’s the Cost?

For $289/month you could be well on your way to dominating your market in the local search & collecting hundreds of reviews effortlessly.

Easy, Effective, Efficient. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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