In the fiercely competitive world of real estate, where personalized service and instant communication are crucial, real estate chat bots have emerged as game-changing tools for agents. These AI-powered assistants streamline interactions, engage website visitors, and drive leads seamlessly. AI chatbots can significantly increase sales and leads for real estate agents by providing 24/7 availability, instant responses, personalized engagement, lead qualification, lead nurturing, efficient appointment scheduling, increased engagement and retention, and valuable data collection and insights. By leveraging the power of AI technology, agents can enhance their online presence, improve customer experiences, and ultimately drive business growth.

Best Real Estate Chat Bots; using AI for real estate leads

Real Estate Chat Bots with AI for leadsWhile chat bots aren’t technically new, the streamlined version that the average person can use is having been introduced around 2015. Since then chat bots have evolved greatly and are now so easy to use that even the most technically challenged can set one up in minutes. Add AI into the mix and you have the perfect combination of a highly-engaging tool that, according to many new studies, will greatly increase your chance of getting more leads. That just leaves you with with question; which AI chat bot is the best option for you? Depending on your needs and budget, there are a ton of chatbots to choose from in the industry.  Here’s everything you need to know about leveraging real estate chat bots on your personal website to maximize your online presence and boost your business listed in no particular order of preference:

  1. WotNot: Powered by ChatGPT, this real estate chatbot integrates with your calendar and can schedule appointments and showings for you, it can assist in a buyers proprty search and give recommendations, has an AI Studio that uses your website to train your chatbot making it easier to setup, has a live person hand-off option, multi-language capabilities, built in analytics and integrates with a ton of platforms. They have a free option and paid for options starting at $99/month
  2. YourGPT: YourGPT AI Chatbot is made for real estate to generate leads. It includes a no-code chatbot builder that ca be trained easily with documents, links to your website and even youtube videos making setup easy and fast. It integrates with WordPress, Zapier,  Facebook Messenger, instagram, etc, is multi-lingual AND has a mobile app so you can manage it on your phone. Pricing starts at $19/month.
  3. Askavenue:Designed specifically for real estate professionals, Askavenue’s AI chat bot focuses on lead generation and customer engagement. Pricing starts at $60 per month for the Starter plan, and includes featured like automated engagement, team routing, lead qualification, appointment scheduling, and CRM integration. Askavenue’s chatbot drives leads by providing valuable insights on property listings, guiding visitors through the buying or selling process, and driving conversions on personal websites.
  4. No, this chatbot is not for land, and we think it’s pretty cool. It has an AI Appointment Assistant that connects wth your calendar to schedule appointments, an easy setup using their no-code builder and AI chatbot templates, collects analytics of integrations, integrates with many platforms including wordpress, zapier, CRM’s, etc and can hand off a conversation to a live person. It also has Academy with courses, tutorials and webinars so you can learn how to use it to drive more sales and leads. They have a free forever sandbox mode that allows you to play with the service for as long as you want to see if you like it and beyond that their pricing starts at $45/month and goes up from there.
  5. offers AI chatbots tailored for real estate professionals, assisting with lead generation, customer engagement, and appointment scheduling. Pricing varies based on customization and features required, offering seamless integration with CRM systems and personalized conversational experiences. There is no pricing on their website so if you find out what the costs are please let me know!
  6. Engati: Readymade Chatbots for real estate lead generation, Engati uses ChatGPT AI to engage customers on your website. This chatbot can schedule showings and listing appointments, answer questions, integrates with your CRM and is fully customizable. Prices start at $99/quarter so it seems pretty reasonably priced.
  7. Realty Chatbot: As the name states, this AI chatbot is made for real estate agents! And the best part – they do all of the setup for you so you don’t have to do any of the building. It is highly customizable and includes pre-written conversation flows, options to integrate with your real estate website, Facebook Business Page, and the Facebook Messenger app and is able to handle things like showing requests, gather home buyer search criteria, instigate conversations with sellers to instigate a free home valuation or a listing appointment, renters and property management, commercial real estate and more! Pricing starts at $119/month with a $195 setup fee for the basic option and goes up from there depending on your needs.
  8. Tidio: Tailored specifically for real estate professionals, Tidios’s Lyro AI chatbot is an affordable solution for engaging website visitors and driving leads. With FREE and paid plans starting at $29/month Tidio is a good choice to add ai to your website. Starting at $125 per month, ChattyPeople offers lead generation, appointment scheduling, and property search assistance, delivering personalized recommendations to convert visitors into clients.
  9. doesn’t use AI but it IS a powerful and easy-to-use chatbot that can engage visitors and capture more leads. It includes a drag and drop builder, appointment booking capabilities, integrates with WordPress and many other programs including CRM’s, has multi-language capabilities, handcrafted question templates, GIFs and videos to use in your chatbot and many more features. You can choose from a FREE plan or one of the paid for plans starting at $24/month.
  10. Tars:  Made for many industries including real estate, Tars has a highly customizable conversaltional AI chatbot that her plenty of features. It has a drag and drop builder with industry specific templates (icluding real estate). Tars can can schedule appointments, answer questions and it integrates with a TON of platforms including your website, facebook messenger, instagram and more. While this option seems a little less user friendly than some of the other options above and their pricing can not be found on their website, we did some sluething and found their pricing starts around $99/month making it an affordable option.
  11. ChatBot: An AI driven chatbot that has a drag and drop builder, integrates with many platforms including wordpress, has a pre-built template library to start from, can schedule appointments, has button actions & team integrations, Pricing starts at $52/month and goes up from there.
  12. Olark: Engage website visitors in real-time conversations with Olark’s live chat and AI-powered chat bot solutions. Starting at $19 per agent per month, Olark offers customizable chat widgets, CRM integration, and automated responses, driving leads and fostering meaningful connections on personal websites effortlessly.
  13. Intercom: Elevate your personal website with Intercom’s customizable chat bots, offering lead generation and personalized messaging features. Starting at $39 per month, Intercom ensures that every visitor receives targeted messages and personalized recommendations, driving lead generation and conversion effectively.
  14. If you are looking for a custom built solution will build a chatbot for your website using ChatGPT for a $1500 setup fee and $100/monthly. They even have a handy demo on their website you can check out!
  15. Structurely**: Structurely is like a set-it and forget it solution! Integrate with your website and you favorite CRM (including FollowUp Boss, SalesForce, BoomTown & more) and they take the work out of followup. When a visitor is on your website Structurely will immediately engage them using text, email and phone calls and then it continues to follow-up for over 12+ months until they respond. Pretty amazing! Includes Text & Call AI and has appointment setting capabilities, live transfer so they can transfer a lead to a live person, drip campaigns, bulk texting and more. Pricing starts at $3/lead or there are monthly plans as well starting at $499 per month

Best FREE Real Estate Chat bot

Above, we have focused on services that have a focus on real estate but there are many more chat bots out there that can be customized to fit any business, even FREE ones although they may require a little more setup and less support than the paid versions. Here are some free AI chatbot services that real estate agents can utilize to increase sales and leads:

  1. HeyLibby: A Sales driven AI Chatbot that can engage with your leads instantly via phone, email, chat, or text, qualify leads, schedule appointments and scans your website to make the setup easy. It has a FREE option and premium pricing starting at $50/month
  2. Chatra by Brevo: Chatra offers a free plan with basic chat bot features, including live chat and automated responses. While not specifically tailored for real estate, it can still be integrated into personal websites to engage visitors and capture leads effectively.
  3. provides a free live chat and messaging app that includes basic chatbot functionality. Real estate agents can use it to engage with website visitors in real-time, answer questions, and schedule appointments, all at no cost.
  4. HubSpot Chatbot: HubSpot’s free chat bot builder allows users to create simple AI-powered chat bots for engaging with website visitors and capturing leads. While more basic than some premium options, it’s a great starting point for agents looking to implement chat bots without investing upfront.
  5. Flow XO: Flow XO offers a free plan with limited features, allowing users to build and deploy basic chat bots for lead generation and customer support. While it may not have all the advanced features of paid solutions, it’s a cost-effective option for agents on a budget.
  6. ChatGPT by OpenAI: While not a traditional chat bot service, developers can leverage OpenAI’s GPT models to create custom AI chat bots tailored for real estate websites. With the availability of the API and pre-trained models, it’s possible to build sophisticated chat bots for engaging with visitors and driving leads.
  7. FreshChat: FreshChat offers a free plan with basic chatbot capabilities (and paid plans starting at $19/month), allowing real estate agents to engage with website visitors, answer inquiries, and capture leads seamlessly. While the free plan has limitations compared to paid options, it’s a valuable tool for agents looking to enhance their online presence at no cost.
  8. ZoHo Chatbot for Real Estate: Zoho offers a free plan with basic chatbot capabilities (and very budget-friendly prices for paid plans), allowing real estate agents to engage with website visitors, answer inquiries, and capture leads seamlessly. While the free plan has limitations compared to paid options, it’s a valuable tool for agents looking to enhance their online presence at no cost.

Why an AI for Real Estate Chat Bot can increase sales and leads on your website

Let’ face it, there are only so many hours in a day and having the time to invest in our websites to increase the lead generation is high on our priorities but low on our daily time quota. That often leaves us struggling to generate leads and make our websites more profitable. If this sounds like you and your real estate website is generating traffic but not leads, then a chat bot may be the easy answer you have been looking for. Here are some compelling reasons why having an AI chatbot can increase sales and leads for real estate agents:

1. **24/7 Availability**: AI chatbots are available round-the-clock, ensuring that potential leads can engage with your website and receive assistance at any time, even outside of traditional business hours. This accessibility increases the likelihood of capturing leads, especially from visitors in different time zones or with busy schedules.

2. **Instant Responses**: AI chatbots provide instant responses to inquiries, eliminating the need for visitors to wait for human assistance. This immediate interaction enhances user experience and keeps visitors engaged, reducing bounce rates and increasing the chances of conversion.

3. **Personalized Engagement**: AI chatbots can personalize interactions based on visitor data, such as browsing history, location, and preferences. By delivering tailored recommendations and information, chatbots create a more engaging and relevant experience for each visitor, increasing the likelihood of converting leads into clients.

4. **Lead Qualification**: AI chatbots can pre-qualify leads by asking relevant questions and gathering information about visitors’ needs, preferences, and budgets. This process helps agents prioritize high-quality leads, saving time and resources while focusing efforts on prospects with the highest likelihood of conversion.

5. **Lead Nurturing**: AI chatbots can nurture leads through automated follow-up messages, personalized recommendations, and targeted content delivery. By staying engaged with leads over time, chatbots keep your brand top-of-mind and guide prospects through the sales funnel, increasing the chances of conversion.

6. **Efficient Appointment Scheduling**: AI chatbots can assist with appointment scheduling by offering available time slots, coordinating schedules, and sending reminders to both agents and clients. This streamlined process eliminates the back-and-forth communication typically associated with scheduling appointments, making it easier for leads to take the next steps in the buying or selling process.

7. **Increased Engagement and Retention**: AI chatbots create interactive and conversational experiences that captivate visitors and encourage them to explore your website further. By providing valuable information, answering questions, and offering assistance, chatbots foster positive engagement and build trust with potential clients, increasing the likelihood of repeat visits and referrals.

8. **Data Collection and Insights**: AI chatbots gather valuable data and insights about visitor behavior, preferences, and pain points. By analyzing this data, agents can identify trends, optimize their marketing strategies, and tailor their services to better meet the needs of their target audience, ultimately driving more sales and leads.

By incorporating real estate chat bots from providers like Drift, Bold360, ChattyPeople, AskAvenue, Olark, Intercom,, Brivity, ReadyChat, Structurely, and Askavenue into your personal website, you can create engaging, interactive experiences that resonate with visitors and drive meaningful conversions. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to leverage AI technology to differentiate yourself in a competitive market and deliver exceptional value to your clients.

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