YES, YES, YES! We LOVE it when you suggest blog topics! YOU are after all the expert on your local area!If you want to submit a topic for your Monthly SEO Blogging subscription, simply send your topics to with your ideas. *We reserve the right to reject topics that we can not research or that may hurt your SEO.

Things to keep in mind when suggesting topics:

  • You give us the topic – we will write the title! Blog posts that get the most clicks, shares, likes, etc (and that is the name of the game) are ones with appealing titles that offer some value to the viewer, answer a need or a question, entertain them, appeal to their emotions. Examples of these things might be – Real estate or local Tips, Upcoming Events, Things to do, Local hot spots (restaurants, coffee shops, utilities, things to do, craft breweries, etc),  Lists, Steps to accomplishing something or Tips to do something. We are really great at taking a topic you give us and using it to write a blog post that will get the most SEO Juice – so don’t worry about the Title, just think of some topics that  would be valuable and targeted to your specific niche or area! **Common things like Staging tips, Steps to Buying or Selling, Mortgages and the typical real estate related hot spots are Topics we will cover by default so don’t submit those. Be unique and tell us things that only a local in your area might know!
  • Ask yourself – Would I share a blog written about [Fill in the Blanks]? Sharing is a big signal to google that your site is valuable. Therefor it makes sense to Blog about things that will inspire people to share it!
  • Be careful how technical you get – people are in a hurry. Things like Market Reports and really in depth technical stats or similar things will hurt your SEO because these blog topics can be very boring and long and cause the visitor to bounce away. According to the Nielsen Norman Group, most users stick around a little less than a minute. So, if you don’t capture their attention in less than a minute, you’ve lost them AND hurt your SEO. Avoid these topics unless they answer the clients need.
  • Hot Spots, What’s Trending Contribute to a Cause. Creating a blog post about something that is trending in your area RIGHT NOW is a huge value & will get more clicks, likes & shares! These can be general or hyper local. For Example in the first quarter of 2017 Fidget Spinners were a HUGE fad and kids were begging their parents to buy them one. At the end of 2017 the fad is nearly over so the value is gone.  This would have been a great topic to write about during that phase! Things like 10 Best Fidget Spinners for ADHD, 7 Things you should know before you buy your child a Fidget Spinner, Top 5 Dangers of Fidget Spinners, etc would get many hits and clicks. A hyper local example might be something that is trending right now and is local to your area or state. In August of 2017 Hurricane Harvey devastated southern Texas. There are tons of people that you can help by providing them with resources. Examples might be: 5 Shelters that are accepting Hurricane Harvey Victims, 5 Safe Charities you can donate to for Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts. Food Banks in Houston that you can go to for Hurricane Harvey Aid. 6 Aid Organizations offering Hurricane Harvey Victims aid after the storm.  Topics like these will allow you to contribute to your local community in a valuable way and serve as a valuable blog topic in turn.  These are time sensitive so be sure to submit them when you think of them or the real value will be lost.
  • Events & Local Information. Dig into your community! Posts about upcoming events tend to get tons of shares! Your local chamber of commerce usually has a list of events broken up by category on their website. Fun things to this summer in [INSERT YOUR CITY], Art in the Park is coming up this [Insert Date], 5 Bands in [Your city] you wont want to miss this Fall! Give us the dates when you submit these so we can be sure to schedule them in a timely fashion!
  • Local Resources, Service Providers & Things to do. What are some of the things that are hot in your area? Is there a new craft brewery? Is your area known for the best beaches? Are Personal Chef’s in demand? Landscapers?  Provide us with some resources or names of service providers and we will write a blog post about it!
  • What about Topics I want to avoid? No Problem send us an email to with any topics you don’t want us to post about and we will make sure these are avoided!