Absolutely! To see your upcoming blog posts you can log into your website approximately 3 days (give or take a day depending on if it falls on the weekend or a holiday) after your monthly subscription renews. Your new posts can be found under Dashboard > Posts and aare scheduled for specific days and times designed to get you the most exposure.. If you do want to review them before they are published then we encourage you to do this ASAP because if you have any changes you will need to give us time to adjust the post so that it does not lose its SEO value.

We HIGHLY discourage you from changing anything on the posts yourself as these posts are structured around Google’s algorithm so that they get indexed quickly and they include important signals to help your site rise in the search engines for your important keywords. Changing the title, content, meta tags, or other attributes, or changing the content of the post, can negatively affect the work we are doing for you. Please understand that each post is carefully designed with Google’s content guidelines in mind, and violating those guidelines can result in a Google penalty. We do our best to make sure the information is accurate and written to get you the maximum SEO juice for your site..

Occasionally you may find something in a post that is inaccurate. This is SUPER rare, however if it does happen OR if you want to suggest a change  all you have to do is email us at SEO@yoursiteneedsme.com and we will be notified so we can fix it quickly. Include the link to the post and specific details about what is wrong.