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Char Bennett-Hammett of YourSiteNeedsMe LLCMy name is Char Bennett-Hammett and I started my love of WordPress real estate web site design in 1998 when I built my first website. I believe that your site needs me for two reasons; either you don’t know how to work with web sites and search engines, or you are too busy and just need some help without breaking your pocketbook. Who has time to spend hours and hours on designing and optimizing a web site when they have a business to run?

What should your  wordpress web site say about you? Your website should be easy to navigate, pop out at your customers, grab their attention and bring them back again and again. Your web site should rank highly in the search engines for your targeted keyword phrases, so customers searching the internet for homes in your area can find you. You should be connected to other web sites and networks so that you are maximizing the exposure you get. And ultimately, your web site should bring you more business.

Bottom line: Your site needs me.

SEO & WordPress Websites: Get Movin’ with the YourSiteNeedsMe team!

Facebook Social Media Page Manager Some of the most successful people doing business today are using their wordpress websites, social media, videos, Google Business & other internet tactics to surge ahead of their competition and take the lead in their market. Are you sitting there scratching your head wondering how they do it? Want to know their secret to good WordPress Real Estate Website Design? It’s simple really, AND it’s the same thing you tell your clients! If you want to sell your home for the most money or get the best mortgage rates or find your dream home,  you work with a professional who knows the market. If you want a Real Estate Website Design that works, STOP trying the DIY method and hire a professional who knows real estate website design! That’s where my team comes in. We can have different options for you to choose from when building your online presence. YOU choose what you can afford and what meets your needs. No matter what your wordpress website design entails, we will deliver you a real estate website design that works in a reasonable amount of time. And after we are done, we will provide you with tech support and training videos. We will stand by you and make sure that you continue to have the tools and the online presence to smash your competition! And because we know our industry, we will make sure your real estate website design stays fresh by continuing to offer you more opportunities to stay ahead like mobile sites, QR codes, Lead Generators and more!

real estate websitesCheck our our WordPress Real Estate Website Design portfolio & Our Real Estate Search Engine Optimization pages to get started. We also have some excellent free Real Estate Tools & Freebies in our Real Estate VIP Center. Check it out and gain instant access to all of our secret weapons! We will even update you when we add something new and exciting! Then when you are ready to move forward with your real estate website design, contact us. We will get right on your project and before you know it you will be a on the road to Real Estate stardom and your competitors will be the ones scratching their heads wondering what happened!

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