How can I help you with your search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization has become an ongoing debate between all SEO experts. What is wrong and what is right is never really certain to any of us unless you are employed by one of the big search engines like Yahoo or Google or MSN. My search engine optimization services include 1st page placement on Google or BING for at least 1 of your top 10 keywords.

Whether it is web site design, search engine optimization or both that you are looking for, I will work with you one-on-one to make sure that you are fully satisfied with the end product. I also offer web site training to help you update and maintain your own web site.

Don’t wait a minute longer to get started on making your real estate web site a success!

Part 1: Search Engine Optimization. What is it?

What is Search Engine Optimization you might ask? It is a confusing term that many people throw around and think they understand fully, but until they have to actually participate in it, do not realize the full extent of what it involves. Search engine optimization is the process of taking your current website and using the most popular keywords and phrases in the proper places in order to ensure that the search engines see your site as an authority on its niche or market.

For instance, if your site is about real estate in Seattle Washington, then your meta tags should contain all the proper keyword phrases, your content should repeat them, your images should be optimized for them, your anchor text in all of your links should be optimized…and so on and so on. The optimization of a website is a very in depth process and involves many techniques that too many webmasters skip over in the effort to finish a site faster.

SO…….How do I start helping you with your search engine optimization? I can help you get started¬†in 4 easy steps!

  1. Perform keyword analysis – What keyword phrases are people searching for in your area that will bring you targeted business?
  2. Perform site analysis – Analyze your current site to see if you have implemented these keywords
  3. Perform Keyword position report – Check out where your site currently ranks for those keywords
  4. Produce plan of attack – consult with you on your goals and how I can get you there!


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