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And Welcome to the YSNM Team!

Next Steps

If you have already signed up for an IDX account – that’s it! You’re done!

If you have NOT signed up for IDX please choose and sign up for your IDX account here:


Welcome to the YSNM family, we can’t wait to get started for you.  If you have not yet completed your HONEY DO LIST please email us so that we can send you the link to the proper form. If you have …then we have received “ALL the Things”, and we thank you so much for being so expedient with that – it really helps the process.

Your Project

Our next step is to set up a project for you at and send you an invitation to it so you can view all tasks, progress & billing. Watch for an email in your inbox inviting you to Teamwork where we will be managing your project and you can watch the ongoing progress. Be sure to bookmark this site and save your password. Here you will be able to view all of the tasks we have set up for your project, billable and non billable time, upload files & documents and view the status of any task in progress.

Additional Information Needed

Because each theme is different we may need a few more items from you before we can begin that were not included on the Honey Do list. For example, depending on which theme you have chosen we may need you to choose a photo or two for the home page. If this is the case, you will recieve an email from your designer within th eext few days requesting any additional assets we may need.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions throughout the process please feel free to call or text 517-917-0582 or email us at  We are available Monday – Thursday by phone from 9am EST to 4pm EST. Fridays are development days but we can still be reached by email & text. Weekends our office is closed but Urgent requests by text & email are answered. Additionally Char is available by appointment for a phone call or screen-sharing session at

Change Requests

New changes/edits can be sent to Please add URGENT to your subject line if your request needs to be addressed immediately. When sending requests it helps if you include a link to the page in question and a screenshot(s) if possible so we can get your task completed for you quickly. All new requests are answered within 24-48 hours and changes completed within 7-10 business days or LESS. Urgent requests are handled as they come in.

IDX Support

Please contact us directly for all IDX Support needs. If you call or email IDX directly you will only delay your request as they will direct you back to us. When reporting an issue please include a link to the page where the problem is occurring and a screenshot if possible.

Brokers & Teams

If you would like us to manage your agents/team on your IDXBroker Roster page & generate a short URL for your agents (agent, please send all new agent additions & removals to along with photos and contact info.

Free Training

For individual Agents: We offer free training on any aspect of your website that you want to learn by screen-sharing session and video tutorials. You can also find a Video Tutorial section inside your WordPress dashboard that contains tutorials on WordPress, Yoast and YSNM tutorials on everything from creating a new page to blogging ideas for real estate agents.

For Brokers: We offer FREE group training webinars AND one-on-one agent training & support to ALL of the agents in your office on their Agent IDXBroker Dashboard by individual request. Agents can also email directly for any issues concerning listings, leads, etc.

We appreciate your choosing to work with us! Welcome to the YSNM family!


The YourSiteNeedsMe Team

Charra, Lisa & Cheyenne