Are you using Google Authorship to increase your business?

Get Google Authorship

Get Google Authorship

Some of the most successful people making money right now are the ones who are using social media to drum up a ton of business. That’s website, that’s content, that’s searches, and all of the social media you hear about on daily basis. A Facebook fan page, Pinterest, Youtube, Google + and Google + business, a Yelp profile. There are these things that when done right and hooked up to your site will get you business. Staying on top of the newest social media techniques and paying attention to what your competitors are doing is imperative if you want to keep up with them and stay in business. That’s where Google Authorship comes in. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, somewhere in the last year you probably started seeing your competitors pop up in the search engine results with a little photo of them next to their website. You probably thought – “What the heck, How did they do that? Do they have something I don’t? How do they make the time to know all of this stuff?” You knew the instant you saw it that it was cool, made them stand out, and that you wanted it. But several questions probably popped into your head at the same time; What is it? & How do I get that? Can I do it myself to save myself some money? Well the answer is simple – its called Google Authorship & you can get it by connecting your Google Plus profile to your websites, and sure you can do it yourself. But the real question isn’t ‘can you’, but ‘should you’? Setting up Google Authorship and setting it up right are two different things. The truth is, people, that you aren’t in the website business, we are. And your competitors know that. They don’t spend hours and hours researching this stuff, figuring out the steps to do it and then doing it themselves. They learned eons ago it’s more cost effective to hire someone to stay on top of whats trending and pay them to do it for them! That’s why they probably DO have something you don’t – a Web guru like us 🙂

Let’s discuss the finer points of Google Authorship for a moment and why you want it, and how it can benefit you and why you should hire us instead of attempting to do it yourself.

What is Google Authorship?

Google Authorship is a way to tell Google that you are an AUTHOR of a certain website, social profile, Blog, Article or piece of work you’ve created is yours and you should get the author credit. It connects all of these pieces using your Google + profile so that your sites will display author information in search results and help users discover your great content.

This is an example of what Google Authorship looks like:

Google Authorship WordPress

Google Authorship WordPress

And here is another Example of Google Authorship on my wordpress site:

Google Authorship WordPress

Google Authorship WordPress

Why do you need Google Authorship?

Well besides the fact that Google’s webmaster, Matt Cutts says that its one of the most important things you can do for your website, and that its one of the top SEO techniques being used to help increase your sites ranking, just look at the obvious. Have you ever noticed when you search on Google, the results are all text. Take a second look at the picture above. Notice how everything on the page is just a giant wall of text and nothing really stands out from anything else until you see the one listing with the photo in it? That small picture instantly draws your eye to what otherwise would have just been another website in the list. Ya, that’s pretty cool isn’t it?

Here are a few more reasons to get Google Authorship for your site:

  1. Enhanced listing in search results making your site stand out
  2. Leads to more qualified traffic as searchers begin to recognize your contributions and look for them in the results
  3. Users recognize YOUR FACE
  4. Lends to Reputation – the more of your pages, articles, blogs, videos show up with your picture next to them, the more people get to know you which builds trust in your contributions to the web!
  5. Better exposure of your Brand
  6. Helps all of your content get indexed in Google
  7. GOOGLE recognizes YOU making it easier for them to index your site and connect them with you, connecting your sites visibility and importance throughout all of your sites therefore increasing your overall RANKING
  8. Better indexing of your social profile pages
  9. Interlinks all of your websites, social profiles, blogs and other web sites you have contributed to giving your customers access to everything
  10. Links to other sites, not owned by you, that you contribute to giving you more credit and building your online presence

Order Google Authorship today!

Many people try to perform Google Authorship on their sites themselves but they really don’t understand or know all of the elements in order to fully connect ALL of their contributions together. There is more to it than just a few steps. When we do Google Authorship for you, we connect in much more than just your website. Here is what you get when you order Google Authorship from us:

  • A complete Google + personal profile
    • Complete profile details including all of your info, photos, videos, address, phone numbers, profile
    • Links to every social site, website, blog that you contribute to
    • Connected to your Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Yelp & more
    • Contributor section connected to your Websites & YouTube videos
    • Other Profiles connected to all of your social profiles
    • Website Verification – by adding a small piece of code into your website for Authorship Verification
  • A complete Google + Business page with
    • Complete profile details including all of your info, photos, videos, address, phone numbers, profile
    • Google Business Verification by mail
    • Website Verification by adding a small snippet of code to your website
    • Linked to all of your websites & Social Profiles
  • YouTube Google Authorship
    • Connection to your YouTube channel so your videos show up in the search with your photo next to them

So what are you waiting for? Your competition to order??  Head on over to our easy order form to get Google authorship