SEO Blog Posting

Will I get Leads?


That depends on you. Traffic = Leads, and in order to get traffic to your site you are going to have to market it. We are building you a tool (website) to use and just like any real estate tool: business cards, signs, post cards, flyers, facebook page, twitter account, youtube channel, etc. If you […]


Can I suggest Blog Topics?


We no longer allow topics to be suggested as our writers are trained to choose topics that will get you the most clicks and traffic. However if you are interested in writing your OWN blog posts then we highly encourage you to do so! YOU are, after all, the expert on your local area!


Can I see my Blog Posts before they are Scheduled?


Absolutely! To see your upcoming blog posts you can log into your website approximately 3 days (give or take a day depending on if it falls on the weekend or a holiday) after your monthly subscription renews. Your new posts can be found under Dashboard > Posts and are scheduled to be posted randomly over the next month. If you do want to review them before they are published then we encourage you to do this ASAP because if you have any changes you will need to give us time to adjust the post so that it does not lose its SEO value.