YES! The demo sites are completely for demonstration purposes only! We absolutely want you to love your site! The setup price includes making it your own by adding your logo, contact information, Color scheme, Personal Photo, Home Page Background photo, ‘About’ page, up to 6 City pages (these pages open up an IDXBroker Saved Search page that shows all of the properties in the cooresponding city) and up to 10 Testimonials. Broker/Company sites also include some other special pages. You can see our many examples of sites we have done on the IDXBroker Special page.

Special Customization’s above and beyond what you see ARE available but at an hourly fee. If you want any other customization’s added to the site, you can submit them separately AFTER the site is completed. All special customization’s outside the normal setup are billed at our current hourly rates and timed by the minute. So if you wanted us to make a new page for you and it took us 21 minutes to build the page then you would only get billed for 21 minutes.