Typically the average site takes 2-4 weeks to build and make live. We love to have them up sooner but there are many factors that are involved. For instance, once you sign up we will send you an invitation to our Teamwork Portal where you can see the progress being made on your site, send us messages, upload files, and provide us with the details we need to build your site. One thing that always causes delays is not providing us with all of the things we need when building your site. So be sure to watch the Teamwork Introduction Video that you will receive when we send you your invitation email. That will show you how to navigate Teamwork and send us the important details we need.

Other delays can be caused by Review times and Customization Requests. We try to be as diligent as we can in making your change requests as soon as they come in but if it takes you a week to get us some information or photos that we need to build a special page, then it may be up to 3 days before we can address it. So remember – time is of the essence when we request information. The faster you get it back to us, the faster we will have what we need to get your site launched!