Search Engine Keyword Research Tool

Research your top keyword phrases, or rather search for your top Keyword phrases with the tools below.

Over 80% of consumers shop with their mouse before they shop with their wallet. To compete online, you need to search out the keywords consumers are typing in to find your service or product.

These tools can be used to:

  • Help with search engine optimization such as your website content, meta tags, images and more
  • Generate hundreds of relevant keyword phrases
  • Research online Markets and find niche opportunities to key in on and target
  • Help you to rank above your competitors and take traffic away from them
  • Maximize your PPC campaigns and help you spend your money more wisely

     In order to be successful with your organic search engine positioning, you must determine the top keyword phrases for your market first. Now, the key to this is not GUESSING, but rather to take the time to search out the keyword phrases that consumers are actually typing into the search engines today. Guessing can cause you a lot of problems, the least of which being that you may not get any business. But taking the time to search out the keywords that define your market or niche can save you time and money. And its easy. There are plenty of free keyword search tools online that you can use to research the most popular keywords YOUR customers use. In addition, there are plenty of paid keyword search tools as well that can give you even more complete information on your target audience.

     Below I have listed some of the most popular keyword search tools you can find online. The first section of keyword search tools are free. The second section of keyword search tools are paid. Many of the free keyword search tools also offer paid services. Depending on how much information you want to research, you can use the following websites to search out the keywords and statistics that are relevant to the consumers you want to target.

Search Engine Keyword tools

Google Adwords Keyword Tool – My #1 Pick for Keyword Research:

SeoBook –    WAY COOL!
My favorite keyword search tool. Powered by WordTracker (see below) this Suggestion tool gives you Daily search volumes by market for Google, Yahoo & MSN. It breaks down the keyword phrases by search engine and then gives you a grand total of all searches for all three together.

For Instance:

WordTracker WordTracker
daily est
daily est
daily est
Overall daily est
search engines 29349 36,686 10,536 4,578 51,762

Keyword Spy –
If you want to spy on your competitors – this is the tool for you. View your top competitors for a specific keyword, see what other keywords they are using, view their PPC Ad Variations, Find out their market coverage. Everything you wanted to know so you can beat them at their own game! Offers Free basic search (which tells you a LOT) and a paid for service for those die hard competitors out there. Keyword Research Tool –
KeywordDiscovery compiles keyword search statistics from over 180 search engines world wide, to create the most powerful Keyword Research tool. Offers both FREE and PAID for keyword search tools.

Spyfu –
Another great Competitor Spy tool! Lets you see what PPC keywords your competitors are buying and which ones they are optimizing their site for. Gives you stats for your competitors daily Ad budget, how many clicks they get per day, average cost per click, Search terms they rank organically for, Other domains they won, THEIR top organic competitors and more. All this is FREE – but they also offer a subscription based service with even more tools.

Google Keyword Search Tool – /Apps/PageManager/CEIFrame.aspx?
This keyword tool not only helps you search for descriptive words or phrases but also helps you find new keyword ideas you may not have thought of before.

SeoDigger –
Important to note – must register. Registration is FREE.
With online free seo tool you can find out for which keywords your site ranks high enough to be in Google Top 20.

HitWise –
Offers a 30 day free trial or get a free ad-based account forever.
Gives you an overview of which keywords have been successful in driving traffic to a specific website. Offers Advanced Search Intelligence with paid and organic search term reports and trends among comparison shopping websites.

Search Paid Keyword tools

WordTracker –
One of the most popular Keyword Search tools online – WordTracker offers a Free Trial so you can try out their services before buying. –
Offering search tools to show you what keywords are being searched for and the ability to track keywords beyond their daily search volume.

Adgooroo –
This tool is for the big dog companies. Starting at $399 a month – you get the complete premium scoop on everything you ever wanted to know. You can “dissect every aspect of your competitors campaigns including keywords, ad copy and more. They do offer a free trial. Try it out just for the heck of it!