Search Engine Keyword Research Tools

Research your top keyword phrases, or rather search for your top Keyword phrases with the tools below.

Over 80% of consumers shop with their mouse before they shop with their wallet. To compete online, you need to search out the keywords consumers are typing in to find your service or product.

These tools can be used to:

  • Help with search engine optimization such as your website content, meta tags, images and more
  • Generate hundreds of relevant keyword phrases
  • Research online Markets and find niche opportunities to key in on and target
  • Help you to rank above your competitors and take traffic away from them
  • Maximize your PPC campaigns and help you spend your money more wisely

In order to be successful with your organic search engine positioning, you must determine the top keyword phrases for your market first. Now, the key to this is not GUESSING, but rather to take the time to search out the keyword phrases that consumers are actually typing into the search engines today. Guessing can cause you a lot of problems, the least of which being that you may not get any business. But taking the time to search out the keywords that define your market or niche can save you time and money. And it’s easy. There are plenty of free keyword search tools online that you can use to research the most popular keywords YOUR customers use. In addition, there are plenty of paid keyword search tools as well that can give you even more complete information on your target audience. Read more on How to Optimize Your Blog for SEO: My BEST Tips to Writing Blog Posts that Rank on Google

Below I have listed some of the most popular keyword search tools you can find online. The first section of keyword search tools are free. The second section of keyword search tools are paid. Many of the free keyword search tools also offer paid services. Depending on how much information you want to research, you can use the following websites to search out the keywords and statistics that are relevant to the consumers you want to target.

Search Engine Keyword Research Tools

  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool: Our #1 Pick for Keyword Research. Google’s AdWords keyword tool not only helps you search for descriptive words or phrases but also helps you find new keyword ideas you may not have thought of before. And before you think you need an ACTIVE Ad to use it, you don’t. Just sign in and signup for an AdWords account and get all the FREE Keyword Research you want!
  • Google Trends: Google Trends uses graphs to show you visually the popularity of a keyword over time so you can maximize your content and publish blogs when they are most likely to get the most traffic.
  • SpyFu: Another great Competitor Spy tool! Lets you see what PPC keywords your competitors are buying and which ones they are optimizing their site for. Gives you stats for your competitors daily Ad budget, how many clicks they get per day, average cost per click, Search terms they rank organically for, Other domains they won, THEIR top organic competitors and more. All this is FREE – but they also offer a subscription based service with even more tools.
  • SEM Rush: One of the most Accurate and FREE Keyword Research tools. Captivate your audience and save more time for what matters most with 20 billion keyword opportunities right at your fingertips.
  • Wordze: Finally… A Free Keyword Research Tool that helps you find the best keywords for your niche selection, SEO Campaigns & more
  • Moz’s FREE Keyword Explorer: Rated as one of the TOP Keyword Research Tools. Also has a paid for version. The SEO keyword research tool with over 500 million traffic-driving keywords.
  • WordStream’s Keyword Tool: Discover new keywords and performance data to use in your site content, Google Ads campaigns and more. Enter a keyword or website URL to find suggestions
  • SerpStat Google Chrome Extension: Research Keywords and view insights on the traffic including the site that is currently ranking for that keyword so you can see their current position, the landing page they are using, the keywords they rank for and use that data to beat them at their own game!
  • Surfer SEO’s Free Keyword Tool: Chrome Extension for Content and Keyword Research. The fastest way to reveal search data for your keywords. All 100% free. Join 400,000+ daily users.
  • LongTailPro by WPBeginner: Enter a keyword and generate over 400 long-tail keywords straight from Google’s database. You can also look at your competitors strategy and compare keywords they are using.
  • Ahref’s Free Keyword Tool: Type in a question and generate keyword ideas from Ahref’s database of over 8 billion queries so you can publish relevant content to your blog and capture the traffic you want most.
  • Question Database: Research keywords and find content ideas to boost your sites ranking. Uncover Your Audience’s Questions. Enter in a broad keyword (e.g. “protein powder”, “backlinks”) to find relevant questions. Find untapped content ideas and create more useful content.
  • Jaaxy: Your Competitive Edge Starts Here. Jaaxy is the industry’s only keyword and research platform that was developed by affiliate marketers FOR affiliate marketers. There are an incredible number of hands on processes that are very time consuming when it comes to your business. Keyword and competition research can now be a breeze! With Jaaxy you are getting the most advanced, yet useful platform in the world for managing all aspects of keyword, website, competition, and market research.
  • KeywordDiscovery: KeywordDiscovery compiles keyword search statistics from over 180 search engines world wide, to create the most powerful Keyword Research tool. Offers both FREE and PAID for keyword search tools
  • Hypervisibility’s Bulk Keyword Generator: A free local SEO keyword research tool that will generate keyword ideas based on city and industry.
  • Answer the Public: Discover what people are asking about by typing in your location and get search insights & data.

Search Paid Keyword tools

  • MOZ: Rated as one of the TOP Keyword Research tools. Discover, prioritize, and build lists of high-quality keywords with Keyword Explorer. Get full access with a free trial of Moz Pro! Bonus: You also get access to our complete SEO toolset!
  • WordTracker: Need more than a keyword research tool? How about a market research tool. Take competitors’ keywords, in-depth PPC and SEO insights, data from Google and our own proprietary search technology… All you need to do is start searching.
  • AdThena: Lower costs, boost returns and dominate competitors with search intelligence. We go beyond what Google Ads shows you. See every competitor move in turbulent markets, and shape your strategy for success.

Read more on How to Optimize Your Blog for SEO: My BEST Tips to Writing Blog Posts that Rank on Google