Web Site Submission

Submitting your website to the search engines is an important part of letting them know you exist. Keep in mind, that when you do this you must have optimized your site for your target keywords first. If you don’t know what your keyword are then visit my Keyword Research Tool Page and find out what they are. Then you need to make sure your site has those keywords in the body content, Meta Tags, Title Tags, Alt Tags and everywhere you can in a uniform and readable context. This is a time consuming process and if you are willing to put the time into it and do it right, then you will be benefitting your website greatly! If you don’t have the time (like nearly 90% of the working population) and would like to learn more about my services and how I can accomplish all of this for you without draining your bank account – contact me!

To get you started, here are a few reputable search engines that you can submit your website to: