Building a website is much like building a home. When you are getting ready to build a home there are several things you need.

  1. An Address: Your home’s address (234 Anystreet) is just like your Domain name ( If you don’t have a domain name then head on over to my Godaddy Reseller account. I purchased this package with Godaddy so I could provide my clients with a place to buy domains cheap!
  2. A House: Your house is just like your Website. It can be a Single Story Ranch, a Beautiful Colonial or it could be a Luxury Mansion. Your website is the same. Depending on what changes you make to the WordPress themes we offer and how many customizations you add to your package, you can have anything you want!
  3. A Builder: I always tell my clients to leave this to the professionals unless you have hundreds of hours to learn about building websites, plugins, SEO, content etc. People come to YOU for a service because you are good at it. And 99% of the ones that try the DIY method are bound to run into many snags and delays. That’s why it’s important to hire someone who knows what they are doing! Like us!
  4. Land: Every home needs a piece of land to sit on. Your websites ‘land’ is called Hosting. It’s your “SPACE” on the internet. And just like the care you would take in choosing where to buy a piece of property to build your forever home, you should pay attention to where you are hosting your site. Learn about the differences of the cheap hosting sites like Godaddy and our Hosting packages here.