What is a widget?

As defined by my favorite online encyclopedia – Wikipedia: (Widgipedia – Wiki Widgets)
A widget is anything that can be embedded within a page of HTML, i.e. a web page. A portable chunk of web. A widget adds some content to that page that is not static. Generally widgets are third party originated, though they can be home made. Widgets are also known as modules, snippets, and plug-ins.

Why do I need widgets on my website?

Widgets can be fun tools that you can add to your website to educate, entertain, inform and otherwise engage your audience. They are little bits of code that can be customized and simply added to your website to add spice and content and allow your website to appear up and coming and exciting instead of back dated and boring.

By simply adding a few widgets to your website you can add a pizazz where before there was little to none. They are embedded right into your website so that when someone uses your widget, they are not leaving your website and instead are interacting with it. If you have 8 seconds to get a website visitors attention, then widgets for your website can help!

Installing widgets on your website

Widgets are designed for your website to be added in with little or no HTML knowledge and can be simply copied and pasted right into your content easily. Browse the widgets below and when you find one you like, click on the link I have provided to go right to the instruction page. If you happen to find a broken link, please Contact me and let me know.

If you need help installing these widgets onto your website, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and let me know! I will be instantly notified of your request by email and with a text to my cell phone and I will get in touch with you as quickly as possible!

Free Widgets for your website


Free Website Widgets

Below is a list of fun Widgets and Widget sites that I have put together for your entertainment and ‘engagement’.

Yelp Widget

Yelp Review Widget

A cool widget that you can use to show off your Yelp Reviews & rating.

Mortgage Calculator Widget

This is one of those handy real estate widgets that you can plug in most anywhere and gives your clients an interactive way to estimate what their mortgage payment might be. It’s relatively newer and is easy to configure.

Zillow widget

Zillow Small Search Box

This widget tool is actually so cool that I am including the real widget right here on this page – test it out! In addition – Zillow is one of my recommended directories to be a part of. One of the biggest online home search spots where you can post your listings for free.

Zillow Median Listing Price Widget

Zillow Median Listing Price Widget

This widget lets you select a region and then shows a simple chart with the median listing price over the last year. You can place two regions next to each other for comparison. Mouse over the chart to see what the exact dollar amount was at that time.

Zillow Mortgage Calculator Widget

Zillow Mortgage Calculator Widget

Help your site visitors quickly find Zestimate home valuations via the large Zillow.com home address search box. This widget also displays customized information about home values and market trends.

Zillow Home Search Widget

Zillow Home Search Widget

This widget includes a custom chart showing any one of over 20 Zillow Real Estate statistics including home values, listing prices, sale prices, foreclosure statistics, and many more. You can localize it to any city, neighborhood, or ZIP code in the country.

Trulia Map Search Widget

Trulia Map Search Widget

Trulia offers a free widget mapping tool to help you showcase your listings on an interactive, easy to use map on your website.

On your website, customers will see where all of your listings are located on your TruliaMap, with a brief description and pictures when they mouse over the pinpoint. When a user clicks on your listings on TruliaMap, they will link directly to the posting on your site. It is customizable so we can match the colors to your site, size etc.

Trulia Market Monitor Widget

Trulia Market Monitor

The Trulia Market Monitor widget is a cool way to keep your real estate clients up to date on what the market is doing in your area. Simply plug in the details and grab the code to embed it anywhere in your site! We find this a useful tool to put in your WordPress Primary Sidebar!

Trulia Rent Vs. Buy Mortgage Calculator Widget

Trulia Rent Vs. Buy Calculator

With the Trulia Rent vs. Buy Calculator widget, you can easily add a cool calculator comparing renting vs buying anywhere in your website so your clients can compare how much they are paying in rent to how much it may cost to buy a new home in most major metropolitan areas! A great tool to help convince those renters to become buyers! You can customize the size to fit any space. Go ahead, make one!

Cost of Commuting Calculator Widget

Cost of Commuting Calculator

Do you spend hours taxing your clients around to show them homes that are miles and miles away from town? Want to save your time and money? Install this tool on your real estate website and show your clients how they can save money each year. If your client buys a home 5 minutes from work vs 35 minutes, you will be adding over 200 hours a year to their lives! That’s 200 hours they could spend working to earn more money, with friends or family, or however they like. That is, unless they really like driving unnecessarily for an extra 200 hours a year.

Weatherlet Weather Widget

Weatherlet Weather Widget

Get this cool weather widget for your site to display the weather in an interesting and engaging way!

Mapwing Virtual Tour Widget

Mapwing Virtual Tour Widget

Free Virtual Tours with Floor Plan Mapping features and more Mapwing combines maps, photos, and comments to produce great looking interactive Virtual Tours.

CalcMoolator Calculator Widgets

CalcMoolator Calculator Widgets

My Favorite calculator widget to add into a mortgage or real estate site! These guys have every calculator you might need from Affordability, Auto Loan, First Year Baby Costs, Rent vs. Buy, Mortgage Payment Estimate, Retirement, Pets & more! Featured in CNN Money & MINT & Entrepreneur.

Fundraiser Widgets

Fundraiser Widgets

Having a fundraiser? Show the world where you are at and how much more you have to reach your goal!

Free Economy Widget

Free Economy Widget

A cool widget that displays real time info on National Debt, Unemployment, Gold Values, Oil & Gas and more!

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