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If you are spending hundreds of dollars on PPC search engine traffic month after month and you are not investing in your organic search engine rank, then you are missing out on 80% of your online business. Statistics say that 80% of search engine visitors skip over the sponsored listings in favor of the organic listings.

Think about the last time you did a search in Yahoo or Google. When you hit the search button and the results appeared, did you look at the top sponsored ads and click on one of them first or did your eyes automatically move down to the natural results and find your first choice there? Did you even glance at the sponsored ads to the right? How many times out of 10 would you say you click on the organic results v. the sponsored ads? If you said that you considered the sponsored ads more then you are one of the few in the 20% bracket that do. But if you are like the majority, then you went sraight for the organic search results.

Why? Because we have become desensitized to advertisements. We have trained ourselves to look right past them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to stop all of your PPC search engine marketing and go straight for the organic search engine ranking. But if 80% of the market is skipping over your PPC ads and going into the organic search results, doesn’t it make sense to put forth some of your advertising budget toward your organic search engine rank?

Your search engine rank can be improved by first, implementing SEO (search engine optimization) techiques on your website. Ie. Determining the keyword phrases that are most searched in your market and implementing them strategically on your website. Sound confusing? Read my article on Search Engine Optimization. It’s not all that hard. Second is local content & search engine submission. You will need to submit your site to the various search engines and directories and then have custom content written for your site that target your keywords & help you get found on google for the keywords that are most important to you and rank accordingly. Learn more about this and what I can do for you by visiting me Services Tab above.

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