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3 EYE POPPING Blogging for Content Marketing & SEO StatisticsTwo of the most important pieces of search engine optimization are content and engagement. Blog posts are a key ingredient to helping your site get better organic search positioning because they are ever-changing, new content for your site… and because they get people to engage with your site by spending time reading your blog posts, bookmarking your site, sharing it on social media and returning to it later.

Does Google Care About Your Blog Posts?

Google puts a lot of stock in visitor engagement, so by writing a good blog post that will get clicked on and keep people interested (and coming back), you are automatically increasing your site’s ranking in search engines. All that action tells Google a LOT about your site. If someone is coming to your site, staying on it and reading the post, bookmarking it, sharing it and returning later to view it again then Google KNOWS your site is valuable. Therefore, your site then benefits from that engagement and builds its SEO value.

Are You Getting SEO Benefits From Blogging?

If you are writing your blog posts yourself, then it’s very likely you are getting some SEO benefits. However, without being on top of the latest algorithm changes, it’s unlikely you are getting the value you could. Many people who write their own content either under use keywords or even worse, OVER use them. This can result in penalties or even blacklisting.

How Much Does it Cost You to Write Your Own Blog Posts?

You have to look at how much it is costing you to write blog posts yourself. If it takes you an hour or two to:

    • Write an intelligently worded blog post that will engage your audience
    • Research keywords for that post
    • Write a compelling title and description that will get click-throughs
    • Create an eye-catching graphic

…then how much did it cost you to write that blog post?

If your time is worth just $50 per hour, then it cost you $50 to $100. If your time is worth $100 per hour, it just cost you between $100 and $200!

That doesn’t include the time lost on doing your real job!

So how much IS it costing you to write your own blog posts?

The answer is too much.

Getting Your Site to Rank by Being Consistent With Blog Posts

You also have to consider consistency. Let’s face it: we all have the best intentions of writing blog posts on our websites and keeping up with the latest SEO trends. But we get caught up in our day-to-day business, and time slips away from us. Being consistent is important to staying ahead of your competitors. And for most people, that is hard to do.

So what’s the solution? Let us handle it for you!

Let Us Give You SEO Blog Posts That Google Will LOVE

We take Organic SEO seriously! When it comes to getting ranked in the search engines (when we say search engines, we really mean GOOGLE) content is KING. Don’t believe us? See what Google has to say about high quality content! In fact, using low quality content on your site will actually get your site in trouble! Ut Oh!

Our team is serious about giving you content that not only meets Google’s latest SEO standards, but engages your clients and encourages action. We partner with the BEST copywriter out there to research the keywords & write our content & blogs (we like to think of her as our own SEO Jedi)! She’s been writing content for the web for a long time (she’s even written a few books – no really – ask her!) and she specializes in search engine optimization. Her job consists of staying on top of the latest algorithms every day and writing engaging content to maximize every single post to your blog & page on your site.

So how can we help? When you hire our team, you will get custom original blog posts written ONLY for you based on your area and industry. You can even suggest topics that you want us to write on so they are even more closely related to topics you would write about yourself! We will even include the Meta Title & Description. So whether you choose to post you own blogs or have us do it for you, the hard part is done!

BONUS: If your WordPress site is connected to your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+), then whenever a new post is published, it will automatically syndicate out to your social pages and will generate more traffic and click-throughs to your site.

It’s a win-win. Stop spending hours agonizing over finding the time to write the next blog post, researching it,  researching keywords, and finding out what’s going on in the world of search engines and let us help you.

You can purchase as many or as few as you want, and we welcome your input on topics, too. To order blog posts, simply purchase the desired amount below. After you complete your purchase you will be redirected to our Blog Info form where you can tell us your topics and provide us with your WordPress login. Have questions? Get in touch and we will be happy to go over everything with you.

We have two options available when it comes to blogging. Buy in Bulk or Subscribe and save! Blog posts will be uniquely written for you on topics you choose or common topics such as real estate market values, things to do in your area, neighborhood info, city info, real estate buyer tips, seller tips, staging tips, organization & cleaning and so on. Read on happy blogger, read on…

Purchase Blog Posts Now

Which Option is for me?

I’m a DIY’er?

This puts you in the drivers seat! If you want to save a little money and post your own blogs then this option is for you. Choose as many or as little posts as you want and buy them ONCE. Then provide us with as many topics or details as you want and we will deliver you quality blog posts with metas included. Once delivered, it is up to you to enter them into your site. Come back and order again when you are ready to buy more. This option is great for people who want to post on the fly, use the posts as guest posts on other sites (like activerain), create their own categories and manage their own posting schedule.


  • Buy in Bulk
  • No Research
  • Post at will or schedule them at your convenience
  • Use on other sites


  • Posting and formatting properly takes time
  • Scheduling takes time
  • No Graphic included
  • You have to set Categories & Tags
  • You must add Meta Title & Description (provided for you)
  • You are responsible for adding Alt & Title tags to images & links
Choose an Option

Get it and Fuggedaboutit!

We like to think of this option as the Red Carpet. WE do it all! If you just want to do what you do best and don’t want to worry about all the technicalities of posting a blog then this option is your Cup ‘o Tea! (we prefer Chai Latte’s). With this option, you are buying a set amount of blog posts each month. You can choose what level you want. Every level includes the custom original content, meta title & description, custom graphic, interlinking between pages and other sources, categories, tags & best of all the posts are set up & scheduled for you. So you literally do NOTHING! You can even provide us with topics you would like us to post on!


  • Little to no work involved
  • We enter the Posts into your blog
  • Meta Tags included
  • Categories & Tags are included
  • Graphic included
  • Interlinking to boost Page SEO


  • Subscription – Monthly commitment
Choose your package

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