In order to complete projects in a timely manner, I need to be able to schedule my phone time & work time more effectively. Please follow the instructions below to submit changes or schedule time with me. If your question can be easily answered, you will get a faster response by using Asana as I am typically on all day long.

Changes or Easy Questions:

  • Go to and add it to your Projects task list. Make sure you add it ONLY to the Project I have created for you or I will not see it. If I have not shared your Asana Project with you, please use the form below to request it.
  • Once you have created the task – assign it to me.
  • Watch this 2 minute video to learn how to use Asana

Phone Time:

  1. Please find an available open time on the calendar below on Monday, Wednesday or Friday between the hours of 12:00pm EST and 3:00pm EST. (You do not need to add it in this calendar. I will do that for you.)
  2. Below this calendar is a form. Fill it out, choose your time and hit send. I will receive your message and update the calendar accordingly and send you an invite to the event.
  3. If you have a GMAIL account, you can request that I share this calendar with you. You will then be able create a phone time in your own calendar and invite me to it. If that time slot is open, it will automatically add & accept your event.

Thank you for your understanding. It may be YOUR project I am working on 🙂