Real Estate Website Portfolio

Today you cannot afford to have a stagnant website. If a consumer visits your site and is not compelled by it within approximately 8 seconds they will click the BACK button and return to the search engines where they will most likely visit your top competitors’ website. This is called a BOUNCE. Your real estate website needs to be attractive and professional. It needs to engage your audience. It needs to convey a need to the consumer and give them a reason to stay there and search. It needs to be content rich, full of information, keywords, links and call to actions. It needs to generate you business!

The problem with all of this is YOU need to be out SELLING real estate! Not building websites. Who has time to sit in front of a computer when they need to be out prospecting, building relationships, closing deals? If you are successful and driven, then you don’t have time to build yourself a website. That leaves only one solution: Your site needs me!

Below you will find a list of websites I have created. I have also done Real Estate Search Engine Optimization on some of them.

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Real Estate Websites by YourSiteNeedsMe