Real Estate Web Sites that Rock!

Over the last 10 years I have come across many different web site hosting companies. My main work has been with Real Estate web sites. You name a real estate web site company and it is likely I have worked with them. Up until a couple of years ago, there wasn’t much competition in the Real Estate web site arena – had the biggest share of the market – with Advanced Access, Z57 & Point2Homes close behind.

These are the web sites that were the first to offer Real Estate Web Sites back in the early years of the internet, which isn’t bad unless you consider that they haven’t changed much since they first were launched. They are confusing, complicated, no clear direction or steps to take to set up or manage. No help understanding what Search Engines wanted from them so they could succeed in high positioning. And most agents would avoid making any change on their site for long periods of time because they didn’t have the time to or desire to learn all of that! How do you think I got started?

Over the years I have seen many new real estate web sites come and go, get bought out or simply close down including the one that I used to work for. It’s a sad reality – but these big web sites with all of the money were able to stick it out through all the hard times and therefor became the only real estate web sites you could rely on not to take your money and then claim bankruptcy.

Then I came across a real estate web site called Alamode. One of my agents told me about it and asked me to look into it. I called and they offered me a free web site & domain name. NO WAY! Yep. I thought that was awesome. So I tested it out and played with it and found it super duper easy to use! HEY – that is great! Most of my clients hate going into their web site’s admin because it’s so confusing. The other half refuse to dump their old web site hosting company because even though the admin is a pain and very confusing to them – they have grown accustomed to it. It’s comfortable. That is why they won’t leave- they don’t want to have to relearn all of this difficult stuff again. Sound Familiar?

Well, Alamode makes it simple. So simple that as we speak my 12 year old daughter is sitting next to me working on my Alamode web site. It’s pretty easy. Not only is it easy – but you don’t have to weed through support pages and documents and FAQ’s to figure anything out. They have a suite of WEBINARS that they created especially for those that want to learn how to use the web site. Webinars on every subject – from setting the web site up, to submitting it to the search engines, to converting traffic into leads, to advanced techniques. You watch a webinar video and you can actually follow along with them. And if you forget – you can watch it again and again. They also have live webinars all the time? Very Cool. Anyone can sign up and join in by phone and a live online webinar meeting and watch, listen and participate in questions and comments. You actually get to talk to a real live person and have them show you the tricks and tips to succees with your Alamode web site. That’s something that and Advanced Access never offered. Currently they have Mr. Internet Michael Russer hosting one called “How to dominate your Online Competition”

And if you miss them – you can watch the recorded versions!

OH and did I mention the Search Engine Benefits. MAN OH MAN. What is every single person who has a web site looking for now a days? To get on the front page of Google. Right? Right! site

The above link shows my web site as #1 on Google for the search term “free widgets for my web site”  I didn’t even try to optimize that page. I just wrote some content about widgets, added in some meta tags and thats all. That is minimum work folks. About a week later in my weekly Google Analytics report I noticed I was getting some traffic to my widget web page. See below:

I was pretty impressed. But that’s not all. One of my real estate agents in Hawaii was on the front page of Google within 10 days. Another within 2 weeks. Another – 10 days. Another has stayed in the top of YAHOO for some pretty major Mortgage keywords for over a year, started a second site for foreclosures and is now ranking on the top of Yahoo for 2 sites!

I don’t know how they did it, but Alamode must have designed this web site around the search engines because the search engines love them! The proof is in the pudding. Give me a brand new web site and a brand new Alamode web site and I will work my magic on them both – and Alamode will slaughter them in the search engines. ( are you up for the challenge?)

Ok – so moving on – i loved this web site from the beginning. It appealed to me in design, ease of use, SEO and support. It had cool web site templates, animated headers and buttons, music, contact management…and the list goes on.

Over time I have learned so much from this site that I no longer recommend anything else. No one can compete with this web site. If you have a web site or an Advanced Access web site and you need help, I will help you design your web site (unhappily) but I will do it. But I will also encourage you to get a free Alamode web site as well. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Why am I recommending them when potentially YOU – real estate agents will no longer need my help? Because I honestly feel they are the best and I care about my clients. I don’t make any money off of Alamode, I DO NOT sell their products, and I do not get any special bonuses for recommending them. I simply get the satisfaction of knowing I have provided my clients with a great solution.

If you don’t believe me – check out my SEO Portfolio page. Four out of the Nine examples are Alamode sites. Two are web sites that only rank good because they have been active for years so they have a good PR. One is an Advanced Access web site that ranks well for the same reason. However, I have been working on that web site for 2 months now to get it to rank higher for some better search terms and I can’t get it higher than #12 on Yahoo.

But I don’t have to convince you…..try them out yourself. They will give you a web site for FREE with a free domain name. Take a test drive and see what you think. Be the judge yourself. What do you have to lose?